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Where to Shop for… Space-Saving Furniture

Wouldn’t it be nice if your furniture helps you to save some space?

Space is a premium in Singapore’s small homes. If you live in one, furnishing your place with larger pieces would be a huge mistake. This will only leave you with less legroom to move around in.

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What kind of furniture would be suitable, you ask? There are alternatives with hidden storage compartments and modular sofas which can adapt to the size of your living room. And we have a few space-saving options for you right here!

1. For portable alternatives | FortyTwo

A stool with additional storage compartments is commonplace. But, a portable-and-collapsible chair is not. And it’s far more useful than you think it is! The Patatto stools can be folded up and stashed away for more space. Because of the compact size and the “flatpack” design, you can easily stack and then assemble for use when you have more guests at home.

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Patatto 180 – Portable Compact Stool | Price: $19.90 | Source: FortyTwo

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The stool has two sizes for a more comfortable sitting experience. And it comes in a table format – talk about a super space-saving dining set!

2. For modular seating options | Castlery

But, if you rather have a sofa than a stool, we’d recommend the modular options at Castlery. Specifically, their Todd collection. There's a version that comes with a storage table, which features a rather generous capacity of storage compartments. Simply remove the two trays on top to reach the bottom niche.

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Todd Side Chaise Sofa with Storage Table | Price: $1,479 | Source: Castlery

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You can even keep your electronics hidden but charge them at the same time! The table features a cut-out for cables and cords to pass through.

3. For the artisanal choice | Journey East

If you’re searching for a sustainable option, consider the Wave coffee table from Journey East. Its rattan frame was woven by local craftspeople from Java. The wooden top is made from aged solid Teak reclaimed from old buildings and structures.

But, that’s not all! The tabletop is completely removable. Moving it reveals a storage compartment nestled within, which you can use to stash all your consoles.

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Wave Round Coffee Table | Price: $288 | Source: Journey East

4. For an extendable round table | Danish Design Co.

Love having people over? A round table helps you fit more dishes on one table! And this option from Danish Design Co. is a definite step up from the rest because it’s extendable.

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SM33 Round Extendable Dining Table | Price: From $3,361 | Source: Danish Design Co.

Simply apply light pressure to the middle of the table to trigger the extension leaves. Because it accommodates a party of up to nine people, you can now seat all your guests for your (future) reunion dinner without breaking a sweat!

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5. For extendable book racks | Hommage Lifestyle

Yes, there are even space-saving shelves now. And they’re super convenient to use. Take the Beeno book rack from Hommage Lifestyle for instance. It nearly doubles in width, going from 45cm to 86.4cm when extended. That means more space for your work files, which is a good to have for staffers working from home.

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Beeno Extendable Book Rack | Price: $346 | Source: Hommage Lifestyle

6. For a dual-purpose, but also space-saving table | Metro

It gets even better when you can score a multipurpose piece. This iloom piece can be used as a coffee or a sofa table. Of course, you can store your items like your books, tissues as remote controls too.

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iloom Delta Dual 1200W Lift-Up Table | Price: $549 | Source: Metro

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But the definite highlight is the door-type storage closes slowly with the damping function. Combined with rounded edges, it just makes this table a much safer, child-friendly alternative compared to the other options on the market!

7. For ceiling beds | Spaceman Furniture

Spaceman Furniture is the definite go-to for innovative space-saving solutions. And we really mean it. The brand carries your typical wall-mounted tables, but also has unorthodox finds like this SlumberUp~ ceiling bed.

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SlumberUp ~ ceiling bed | Price: From $6,088 | Source: Spaceman Furniture

It’s a bit of an investment piece, but if you have a super tall ceiling to work with, this might be perfect for you. Operating using a counterweight system, it raises your bed up and keeps it suspended until you need it. But still, what an unbelievably neat way to really open up your space!

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8. For a 4-in-1 sofa | BedandBasics

It’s possible to get more mileage out of your sofa. The Fureki sofa from BedandBasics has four different layout configurations. There’s the typical L-shaped and U-shaped format. But, it can also be converted into a sofa bed or modified into a seating space with a spare ottoman.

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Fureki Flexible Storage Sofa Bed | Price: $859 | Source: BedandBasics

So, even if you’re living in a smaller HDB flat, you can still make the most out of your space. Just make sure you find the right furniture pieces for your home! And, we’ll even help you slash a couple of dollars off your next purchase. Simply enquire directly with a brand through Qanvast to enjoy exclusive deals!

*Disclaimer: Prices are accurate at the time of writing.

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