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Your Ultimate Guide to Furniture Shopping in Bali

June 20, 2019

From the loveliest macramé accessories to chill Bohemian pieces, Bali's furniture speaks volumes about their quality craftsmanship.

Bali — the ultimate dream destination for a getaway. While famed for its resorts, hotels and restaurants, it's also home to a budding furniture and décor trade, which we're delving into today.

Whether you're looking for a simple memento to remember your trip by or looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, these Bali stores should be your go-to!

Spring Gardens by Ethereall

Interior Firm: Ethereall


Though it is well-known in Bali for its coffee and organic carrot cake, SOUQ is far from just your typical tourist trap. Yes, you’ll find plenty of café fare to rave about, but the brand also carries bespoke threads, jewelry and furniture (a must-visit in our books). A lot of hard work goes into their creation process – old-world materials are given a contemporary update and turned into one-of-a-kind pieces, the perfect blend of traditional meets modern.

furniture shopping in bali

Source: SOUQ

2. Lio Collection

Partial to rattan and bamboo furniture? Find high-quality pieces and a wide range of home décor (from antiques to outdoor classics) at Lio Collection! And if you’re not planning a trip to Bali, don’t worry – the brand also participates in many furniture fairs which makes them even more accessible.

furniture shopping in bali

3. Domicil Living

Drawing inspiration from the colonial era, Domicil Living creates furniture that looks and feels truly vintage. As a result of the Western influence, the pieces feature more Baroque-esque and fancy Victorian qualities though the designs are far from cookie-cutter thanks to its Southeast Asian roots. The result? Standout paraphernalia with excellent craftsmanship.

furniture shopping in bali

4. Kim Soo

It’s a mishmash of bohemian, ethnic, classic and contemporary but Kim Soo’s wares are all outstandingly beautiful and it’s no surprise why – the curators work hand-in-hand with local artisans across the Indonesian Archipelago to realise their vision: To bring great pleasure and enrich spaces with exquisite pieces.

furniture shopping in bali

Source: Kim Soo

P.S. We heard that it’s a great spot for breakfast, so treat yourself before furniture shopping!

5. Yuni Bali Furniture

If you have any furniture that you’re dying to realise, you can have Yuni Bali Furniture customise them for you. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience under their belt, the brand not only takes made-to-order custom pieces (where you can mix-and-match your textiles and finishes) but also guarantees the quality of each product they put out.

furniture shopping in bali

6. Beyond Borders

This wholesale furniture and home decor company not only reclaims materials but repurposes them for use in their high-quality, hand-crafted designs at affordable prices – great for the eco-conscious who are shopping on a budget. Most of the manufacturing process takes place in Indonesia and India but they have showrooms in Dallas, High Point and LA – now that’s really going beyond borders!

furniture shopping in bali

7. Une Escale a Bali

All for making a statement? Une Escale a Bali’s creative selection may just be up your alley. And if it’s not your style, fret not since these distinctive pieces make for great housewarming presents for friends who love eye-catching décor!

furniture shopping in bali

9. Teckococo Furniture Design & Manufacture

Or shop sustainable alternatives at Teckococo! The wood manufacturer uses tropical plantation wood from Java, Indonesia, to make all their furniture – from outdoor to office pieces, in all types of styles.

furniture shopping in bali

Source: Teckococo

10. Living Karma Bali Furniture

Though the team at Living Karma mostly outfits larger venues including the likes of hotels, resorts and restaurants, they do branch out to create furniture for homes – even going so far to create one-off pieces for those who really want to own something unique!

furniture shopping in bali


Adore intricate handcrafted pieces? You definitely need to hit up INBALI! We advise snagging these Balinese furniture as quick as you can because they are produced in limited quantities (as part of the brand’s ongoing efforts in maintaining the quality of its products and to support sustainability). If you’re not in the area, you can get them shipped to Singapore!

furniture shopping in bali

Source: INBALI

11. Kara Home Living

It’s hard not to walk away from Kara Home Living without buying something. Not only does the brand stock furniture but also offers loads of covers, throws, baskets and cute fashion accessories – all woven and made from scratch!

furniture shopping in bali

12. Bungalow Living Bali

A place where you can stop and replenish your energy with some local delights? Check. Still shopping for your home? Yes. Need to find out how certain pieces fit into a space? Not a problem. Bungalow Living Bali offers all three – all within a few steps of each other. Grab a bite at their café, check out their showroom and hit up their store to snag a few pieces for yourself.

furniture shopping in bali

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