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You’ve Probably Heard of Sonos; Here’s Why Everybody Loves It

One of our top reasons: the super easy setup.

As a new or prospective homeowner, having a good sound system at home is key to enjoying your favourite music or movies at home. And whether you’re an enthusiastic audiophile or a newbie to all things tech, you probably would have heard about Sonos’s speakers and the legions of people that have voiced their love for it.

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But just why are their products so well-loved, and is it really worth the hype? Our answer: a resounding yes – and we bet that the reasons below will soon convince you!

1. It’s really (and we mean, really) easy to set up

To the non tech-savvy, anything tech-related can make your head spin – so you’ll be glad to know that each Sonos speaker works on a plug-and-play basis that requires little intervention on your part.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A power source, to plug in your speaker
  • A solid Wi-Fi connection
  • The Sonos app, which will do all the installation legwork for you. Simply follow the onscreen step-by-step instructions, and you’ll likely be done in under 5 minutes!

If you’re using a voice-enabled virtual assistant (Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa) at home, linking it up to your Sonos speaker will also be a piece of cake. Just sync them up using the Sonos app, and then head over to the associated app to add your devices.

2. It boasts an ‘all-around-you’ immersive audio experience

When we say Sonos speakers are able to create cinematic sound at home, we mean it.

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Most of their soundbars support Dolby Atmos, which brings incredible sound quality to your movie or playlist of choice. You’ll be hearing everything with a 3D effect, where planes will seem like they’re flying over you, and live music will make you feel like you’re physically at a concert.

Perhaps that’s to be expected, since every Sonos speaker is worked on by a team of Oscar-winning audio engineers. Talk about being the real deal!

Also, they’re fitted with their proprietary TruePlay tuning technology, which adapts the sound to your environment. It doesn’t matter if your speaker’s in the middle of the living room, or in a corner – the speaker will adjust the sound output to suit its current physical environment.

3. It’s a ‘modular’ sound system

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If you’re new to the whole sound system experience, Sonos’s sound system is fully ‘modular’ – meaning you can start out with just one item, and add more in the future or once you’ve familiarised yourself with the system.

Like the initial setup, adding another Sonos device to your existing system can be done via the app. The good news is that this process will be even faster, since the foundation has already been set in place.

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By the way, this modular system doesn’t just apply to Sonos’s soundbars and speakers. It extends to their subwoofers and rear speakers as well – so if you wish to enhance your listening experience with one, you can easily integrate it into your existing system.

4. It comes with various functions that optimise your listening experience

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The problem with watching shows or movies at home is that sometimes, you can’t properly hear what the characters are saying. Or, you’re struggling with the volume in the middle of the night, since you’re trying to hear the dialogue without subjecting your entire household to loud sounds and explosions.

That’s when these unique Sonos-created functions will come in handy:

  • Speech Enhancement: boosts the audio frequencies associated with human voices to make dialogue clearer
  • Night Sound: reduces the intensity of loud sounds (e.g. explosions) while boosting the level of quieter sounds (like dialogue) – perfect for midnight movie marathons!

5. It comes in a variety of sizes and designs

Regardless of your choice of interior aesthetic, the Sonos soundbars will definitely find a place in your home without looking out of place.

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No clunky or bulky gadgets here, as each model is built with a sleek, elegant design that allows you to either place it on your TV console or mount it on the wall, and come in black or white versions that are neutral enough to fit into all homes.

Speaking about fitting into all homes, their speakers – which includes soundbars, music speakers and portable speakers alike – come in a variety of sizes and lengths for you to choose from, depending on your specific size concerns:

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At less than 60cm in width, the Sonos Ray ($529) is the smallest soundbar available, and can be used in small homes or with 55-inch TVs or smaller. But just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it’s lacking, as its forward-facing sound means you can enjoy cinematic sound without any compromise on quality.

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For those looking for more immersive sound without breaking the bank, the Sonos Beam ($869) is the most balanced choice. Measuring at 65cm, it’s fitted with a wider soundstage and Dolby Atmos, and will make a great addition to mid-sized homes and TV sizes of up to 65 inches.

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The last soundbar in their lineup is the Sonos Arc ($1,699), which is the one for homeowners yearning for the ultimate home cinematic experience.

Fitted with a whopping 11 internal speakers that further amplifies the 3D experience with Dolby Atmos, this 1.14m soundbar is the largest one of the bunch, and it’s a great fit for 65-inch TVs or bigger spaces like 5-room flats and landed homes.

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The Sonos Five

But of course, let’s not forget their range of home speakers as well! Models such as the Sonos Five ($899) give you studio-quality and impressive stereo sound for an immersive music listening experience.

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From left to right: The Sonos Roam and One

There’s also its more compact counterpart, the Sonos One ($349), which comes with a built-in voice assistant and is just as capable of providing room-filling sound.

But if you’re looking for something even more lightweight, well, look n further than the Sonos Roam ($329), which boasts a portable, easy-to-handle build that you can tote around your home or on a day out with family and friends.

Experience your very own home cinematic experience with Sonos

There’s a lot we can say about Sonos and their soundbars, but the best way to truly understand them is by experiencing it yourself. So, book a showroom visit with TC Acoustic* (the audio distributor of Sonos in Singapore) to understand how immersive a proper home sound system can be!

Psst, by the way: TC Acoustic is ranked #1 in Singapore’s Best Customer Service 2022 by the Straits Times, so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands throughout your entire visit!

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