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Alora Paints is a Singaporean paint brand that aims to make painting easier by offering paint in a carefully curated selection of colors with simple ordering and fast delivery. Alora Paints are environmentally responsible, high-quality, reasonably priced, no odour and No VOCs. Our paints can be customised to add on features such as Anti Mould and Anti Viral & Bacteria. It is the only paint in Singapore that has 2 Green Certification by US Green Seal (GS-11) and Singapore Green Label. A range of accessories provide you with the right tools as you embark on your creative journey.
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Winter White
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Carpe Diem
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Crème Brûlée
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Deep Dive

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Alora paints different from regular paints?

We offer high quality paints that are affordable, easy to apply and are safe for homeowners and the environment. Our paints have undergone rigorous testing and are the first in Singapore to have scored two Green certifications - the US Green Seal (GS-11) and Singapore Green Label.

What should I look out for when getting paints?

Go for water-based paints as they contain less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are odourless. Alora paints also feature anti-mould properties, which is great in Singapore’s humid environment.

Is it normal for paints to look different when painted, versus what is shown on the catalogue?

There are multiple reasons why. First, the swatches shown in the catalogue are not of the actual paint! Second, lighting can impact how a paint shade is reflected. Lastly, colours might differ as a lower quality of paint colourant was being used.

This is why we provide sample stickers made from our actual paint, so you can bring home to visualise and view your chosen colours under various lighting conditions accurately.

What’s the estimate price for painting a 4-room BTO in Singapore?

Our painting services range from $1,200 - $1,400. If you intend to DIY (no labour cost involved!), it will cost about half the price including painting tools.

Reviews (4)

Very accommodating and superb service.

Reviewed by Sagefyre Xq (Sagefyre Xq)・Submitted 1 Feb 2023

Very accommodating and superb service. Good choices of paint colours as well. Mr Gerald promptly replied and was quick to assist with delivery matters. Will recommend. Thanks again!

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this is where you come to.

Reviewed by YH Tan・Submitted 25 Jan 2023

If you are buying paint, you can go anywhere. if you are buying service (& paint), this is where you come to. “Our purpose here is not only to sell paint but we also want our customers to have a beautiful home." We can find quality paint in many places, but if you are looking for a paint company that looks beyond just selling paint, Alora Paints is where you can look towards. Gerald truly lives up to his company's mission/purpose in our recent paint job. Colour is a subjective and abstract concept, especially when you did not opt for a 'standard' colour. When that happened to one of our rooms (it was too bright-orangy!), Gerald rendered help to conduct further experiments to obtain the colour we wanted. And he took time to visit the site with the paint so that we can see the actual colour on the wall. It sounded straightforward but it surely exemplified how Gerald had gone the extra mile to create the best experience for customers. Thanks once again.

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Had a very wonderful experience with Alora Paints.

Reviewed by Esther Lian ・Submitted 23 Jan 2023

Had a very wonderful experience with Alora Paints. Loved the selection of colours and the quality of the products. Alorapaints have no smell at all!😍Very fast drying and easy to paint with!We opted for the bundle set and were very impressed by the quality of the painting tools.Many thanks to Adrian's responsive and kind help even though he was on MC.🙏🏻Very happy to have found Alora Paints! Will definitely be getting more paints from you guys again for our future painting projects!❤️

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