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Inspiring creativity with over 3,500 colours & premium paints since 1883.
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When it comes to premium paints for your home, Benjamin Moore has set the standard for excellence, since 1883. We manufacture our own resins and proprietary Gennex® colourants, which deliver superior performance and application properties in every product. Paired with an incomparable selection of over 3,500 colours, our paints are formulated to help you achieve beautiful, lasting results every time you paint.
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Chantilly Lace OC-65 1
Chantilly Lace OC-65
Hale Navy HC-154 1
Hale Navy HC-154
Saybrook Sage HC-114 1
Saybrook Sage HC-114
First Light 2102-70 1
First Light 2102-70
Edgecomb Gray HC-173 1
Edgecomb Gray HC-173
White Dove OC-17 1
White Dove OC-17

Reviews (10)

Fantastic experience from start to end with Benjamin Moore.

Reviewed by Azmeer・Submitted 26 Aug 2022

Fantastic experience from start to end with Benjamin Moore.BM produces their own paint so they have an amazing range of colours and high quality paint you won’t get elsewhere (check out the many reviews on the internet and youtube). The visit to their showroom convinced us to sign up for their premium Aura paint range, which displayed excellent depth and coverage.The consultation with Ricky was enjoyable and helpful in allowing us to share the colour schemes we imagined and shortlisting possible colours from their catalogue.Communications were seamless and efficient and the team of painters were so professional and reliable, they were always on time and completed the works in 2 days. We didn’t do anything with regards to moving furniture, they took care of that and were meticulous in shifting and protecting our furniture and items.In the end, the results are outstanding and our house looks like a new place now.Many thanks to Ricky and the team of amazing painters. We would highly recommend Benjamin Moore if you’re looking to give your house a new lease of life.

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We are very satisfied with the result.

Reviewed by Edwin Gurita・Submitted 25 Aug 2022

Our painter got OCD I think 😆 I called him Brother as I forgotten to ask for his name.My colleague recommended Benjamin Moore and we were quite skeptical at first. I contacted Ricky and arranged for a site visit. Ricky explained to us the product, process, and what to expect from their painter.We went to their showroom to pick color, the Customer service also very kind to attend to us and patiently helped us to find matching color (you will be surprised that a simple white color have so many to choose from). It was lunch hour and I told the CS that he could go have his lunch (we already paid 50% for the painting job, we aren't going anywhere already at that time) but he served us until we happily get out from their showroom.We picked 2 dark color to highlight our place, and it's the Aura special color that's not included in our painting package. Ricky promised that will try his best to get the color for us (we only getting the basic Ben package) and Surprised, he gave us free upgrade to the 2 Aura color we choose.Then met the Brother. He painted the 2 dark shades for 2 days as he will checked any spot is uneven. On the last day, he still using a small brush and touch up here and there until he is pleased with his work.Certainly this is a good OCD in action 👍👍We are very satisfied with the result. Do expect delay from Ricky respond, but once he scheduled your appointment then you know he will turn up. Also the painter. Good job Brother!

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Thumbs up!

Reviewed by Yang Yang Hia・Submitted 24 Aug 2022

Excellent services by Ricky and team! Job completed in 2 days. My mum is very pleased with their services. Furnitures are well protected, not messy, and the painters did a good clean up job after. They also waited patiently for my mum's helper to sweep and mop the area before moving the furniture back to their original location. Thumbs up! Will definitely engage them for my house in future.

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