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Whether you are on the hunt for an exciting living room centrepiece or a sturdy shelf for your industrial-style home, Journey East is one store that has you covered with its interesting array of furniture and home accessories. Plan to add some colour to your home? Check out the iconic Qeeboo rabbit chairs or the whimsical PLAYplay collection by renowned designer duo Lanzavecchia+Wai. Alternatively, if you are an eco-lover, you’ll be delighted to know that Journey East also carries the d-Bodhi line of reclaimed teak furniture as well as original vintage pieces sourced from Southeast Asia.
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Top Picks

United Strangers Leather Sling Chair 1
United Strangers Leather Sling Chair
PLAYplay Gridlock Bookshelf 1
PLAYplay Gridlock Bookshelf
D-Bodhi Shelfmate Modular Wall Shelves 1
D-Bodhi Shelfmate Modular Wall Shelves
United Strangers Elements Entertainment Unit 1
United Strangers Elements Entertainment Unit
District Eight Dayton Dining Chair 1
District Eight Dayton Dining Chair
Pong Dining Table 1
Pong Dining Table
TALA Walnut Touch Lamp 1
TALA Walnut Touch Lamp


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