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Created by two childhood friends, Kathy's Cove was born out of the desire to create sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture, homeware and children's toys that last for generations. Our love for rattan, its flexibility, and old-school charm encouraged us to design our own furniture and children's toys that showcases rattan and other natural materials in its finest form. Designed in-house in sunny Singapore, each piece is delicately and professionally handcrafted by dedicated craftsmen.

Handcrafted rattan furniture and toys designed to last for generations.
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Kathy's Cove
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Kathy's Cove
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Kathy's Cove
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Ben's Planter (large)
Perfect planter for my ficus plant! It adds a touch of rusticity to my apartment and it gives height to the plant so that it can receive the sunlight. Thank you for bringing this in!
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Reviewed by Deidre Cheong on 17 Aug 2021
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