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Planning a simple refresh or embarking on a major overhaul for your home? From architects, interior designers to contractor-IDs, sort and discover the right interior professional for your needs by type.

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Contractor Interior Designers Singapore

Contractor interior designers are a sub-category of interior designers whose strength lie in their technical expertise, as well as in the execution of renovation works. Most of these firms have evolved from contractor firms, branching out to include project management and basic interior design works as part of their service.

Not sure if a contractor interior designer is the right professional for your home renovation? If the following describes you, a contractor interior designer may be best for your renovation needs:

  1. You are looking at a simple refresh of your home and are not too particular about your home’s design - anything beyond the basic interior features provided by HDB’s Optional Component Scheme.
  2. You prioritise practicality over aesthetics - you have no need for an eye-catching, overly complicated design which may be a hassle to maintain.
  3. You who are looking for a cost-effective interior professional service for your renovation - you have a tight budget to keep to.
  4. You already have clear, specific ideas on what you would like your home to look like - you just need a contractor to execute those ideas, and ideally to manage the project.

Most of the time, the major deciding factor for homeowners who choose to engage a contractor interior designer is cost. In fact, many homeowners have remarked that the quotations between contractor interior designers and contractors are comparable and competitively priced. Not convinced? Check out this article which breaks it down for you: Do You Really Save More With a Contractor?