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Works Included



Hacking of Walls

False Ceiling

Paint Job

Feature Walls

Electrical Re-wiring


The Inflora

Condo | 2 rooms | 54m²

S$ 33,000

New / Resale

Year of Completion


Renovation Duration
5 weeks

Design Fees

36 Reviews

Jason, Punggol

My wife came across a blog and the blogger posted a review on her renovation experience with Fuse Concept. She wrote in detailed and complimented on how the service level was very good! We decided to arrange a meeting with Fuse Concept and discussed further on our plans and ideas. We felt comfortable with the ID that was assigned to our project. Our ID Joey was friendly and it was a positive experience working alongside with her during the renovation process. Joey was able to capture what we wanted and even gave us some constructive feedback. We were impressed with her execution of the project as it was completed on time. We were quite pleased with her work and she managed to handle the project smoothly.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 40,000

Completion: September 2017

Simon, Bartley Ridge

We were browsing for designs and inspirations from Qanvast and decided to drop a quote request to find a designer. Qanvast recommended us a few and we began to meet up with a few of them and found Fuse Concept's designs the most impressive. The ID was quite imaginative, she started to talk about cabinets and her conceptual ideas with us. We decided to browse and look through their previous projects in Qanvast and managed to shortlist 3 IDs firms. We liked their designs and emailed them our floor layout and requirements.They gave us some ideas and suggestions and we communicate with them freely to see whether we have some chemistry and comfortable with the ID before arranging for a meetup. Jade from Fuse Concept followed up with us. She was friendly, easy to talk to, listens attentively and asks questions to understand what we want for our design. Upon meeting up with Jade, she began to ask more about our lifestyle (we love to keep fit, does not watch the television.) Jade took this into consideration and she advised us to hack the bedroom wall to create a gymnasium in our home to fit our lifestyle! She handled the planning and execution well. We were impressed with the carpentry done as it was not a typical modern carpentry which makes our home stood from the rest. In the end, we knew that we chose the correct person for the job!

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Renovation Cost: S$ 40,000

Completion: January 2017

Serene, Jewel @ Buangkok

Having a massive book and discs collection, I was looking out for both design ideas and storage solutions when it came to selecting an interior designer. When it came to the bookshelves, my husband also wanted a design that minimises the spacing between the shelves so as to maximise the amount of storage space for the books. Out of all the interior designers that we met, we felt that Billy was the one who came up with designs that best suited our requirements, and gave us a lot of constructive advice whereas some of the interior designers just engaged in a lot of ‘fluff talk’. While some of the other interior designers could come up with beautiful designs, their storage ideas are not very practical. For instance, one of the designers suggested using a normal track for the sliding bookshelf. However, from speaking with Billy, we understood that a normal track would not be able to take the weight of hundreds of books. After sharing this concern with that designer, they redid their calculations and in the end, they said that they needed to change their design. From this, we could see that Billy possesses more experience than the other designers and he could come up with designs that were both stylish and practical. Billy worked very closely with the contractors to design the shelving system for our books. He had to get special hinges and rollers for the shelves such that they could withstand the weight of hundreds of books. He also asked us for the sizes of our largest and smallest books so that he could carefully plan out the height of the bookshelves. He is very diligent and conscientious. During our discussions, he noted down everything which we said and I think he did a lot of research of his own – especially when it came to designing our bookshelves. When the renovation was ongoing, he came down every day to oversee the progress of the renovation and he would also take photos and update us about the major renovation milestones via WhatsApp. He was also my voice of reason when it came to budget matters as he advised on areas I could save money on. It was really a joy to work with Billy. He made the whole renovation process very fuss-free.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 100,000

Completion: December 2016

Edmund, Bishan

Fuse Concept was recommended by a friend who engaged them previously. After meeting with 4 other designers, Fuse Concept stood out as our design vision is aligned and I could tell they were committed to do the project. Their service and communications are professional and they understood what I was looking for. Keeping to the renovation schedule is the most important factor for me. Eddie, the designer, managed to abide by the timeline, making the whole renovation process as smooth as possible. Eddie is very patient and he listens to what I am looking for. He patiently explains why certain things can't be done and he counter-proposes with more practical ideas. For example, I was looking at a combination of wood and concrete for a wall partition for a swivel TV and he suggested to go with all wood so that it's structurally stable. The design of the house was as what was shown in the rendering, and the workmanship is decent. The quote from Fuse Concept wasn't the cheapest out of the 5 firms but it was well spent. The after-sales service is very prompt. I stayed in for a month, compiled the list on what needs to be rectified and sent to Eddie. Eddie got his guys to fix up very quickly. I will certainly recommend Eddie to my friends. Renovation completed in: June 2016 Cost of renovation; $72,000

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Gerald, Anchorvale

I picked Fuse Concept after seeing good reviews and their strong portfolio suits what I’m looking for in terms of the design concept. The renovation process was a rollercoaster ride. The designer’s project management skills were not strong and he had overlooked small details during the planning and execution stage. While his creative mojo impressed me, our trust in him gradually decreased as he was not on the ball, not meticulous enough and were not entirely attentive on our project. There were hiccups along the way and we had to be adamant in what we want before things goes our way. As he was still green, we tried to be more forgiving towards him.

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