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The Venue Residences


S$ 28,000

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45 Reviews

Mr Koh, Tanah Merah

I was recommended to Space Atelier through Qanvast. I engaged them because the ID provided me better information and confirmation of my requirement. Even though the quote is a bit higher than my budget, but I am okay with it. Throughout my renovation, everything was quite smooth The ID's communication skill is very good. He is very honest and transparent too. I was overcharged by $1k and the ID informed me about it and refund me. The only problem that I have is with the contractor. The contractor is a outsource contractor and there is only one person handling my renovation. Therefore, my project is a bit slow. After the renovation was done, it is up to my expectation. Everything is exactly like what I want and there are no defects. Everything is perfect!

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Renovation Cost: S$ 60,000

Completion: August 2017

Nena, Punggol

Qanvast recommended me 5 IDs, and we decided to engage Space Atelier because the ID was nice. She provided us with a quote that suits our budget and understands our needs and requirement very well. Throughout my renovation, I found the ID Peggy very easy to talk to. We have a casual and friends-like conversation. She never stresses me into anything that I do not want. Of course, there are minor hiccups like measurement and grilles, but she rectified it promptly. Due to some personal matter, we have to move in while the renovation is still ongoing, but she is still able to manage our renovation properly. Even the contractors are very nice and go extra miles helping me with my curtain rods and other stuff. My overall experience with them are excellent!

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Renovation Cost: S$ 25,000

Completion: January 2018

Peng Siang, Punggol

Space Atelier is one of the IDs recommended by Qanvast. Chemistry is one of the key points that we decided to engage with the ID Lucas. He is specific and honest about what he can do us. There was a small problem happened during our renovation, where we requested to see the sealer paint before the wall was painted. He did make the arrangement but the painter painted the wall before we can check on the sealer paint. Even though it was not his fault, but he was good enough to refund us half of the money. He was also very honest and pointed out all the minor problems that we don't even think it was an issue. The whole renovation was generally fine with the ID and I like what he did for us. Just a suggestion, he might want to provide more design ideas/ suggestion when discussing with homeowners.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 30,000

Completion: January 2018

Dexter, Punggol

We have recommended IDs from Qanvast and all 3 IDs are good. We engaged ID Raymond from Space Atelier because he went extra miles and proposed us 2 ideas at the initial stage. When we went down to his showroom, I get to see more hands-on and project and were able to see their workmanship there. I also felt comfortable working with Raymond. I engaged him and got my 3D design before my key collection. Throughout our renovation journey, the ID Raymond was very helpful. He was good in planning and understood what we want. He did changes promptly to the 3D design layout and it was almost 100% of what I want my house to be. He also provided us advises on other details like aircon and helped us to facilitate it even though it is not his job. He rectified all the minor hiccups promptly too. I have no worries about my renovation with Raymond's help.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 40,000

Completion: November 2017

Hong Wei, Bishan

I talked to the 5 IDs recommended by Qanvast and I like ID YangHann from Space Atelier. His design suits what I want and the quote provided is within my budget. Chemistry is also a key point and he listens to my requirements carefully too. Throughout my renovation, I feel comfortable working with him. There are some hiccups here and there, but he rectified quickly after I informed him.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 34,000

Completion: January 2018

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