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Works Included



Hacking of Walls

False Ceiling

Paint Job

Feature Walls


Electrical Re-wiring



Bendemeer Road (Block 10)

Apartment | 3 rooms | 93m²

S$ 41,000

New / Resale

Year of Completion


Renovation Duration
5 weeks

Design Fees

36 Reviews

Damian, Sims Urban Oasis

My ID is from Starry Homestead. He was very responsive and was able to suggest novel ideas that factored in my requirements. I was very prompt in asking him for updates and they were equally prompt in answering them. When I asked him why certain things were done in a certain way, he was able to explain the rationale behind it in a logical manner - for example, the way he structured the carpentry works. He also stuck to the budget I provided. Usually, some IDs would exceed the budget and get homeowners to top up, but at the very beginning, I told my ID that I would like to keep to this budget. In that sense he wasn't pushy and was accommodating - I would definitely suggest him to friends who are renovating.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 18,000

Completion: February 2018

Viswa, Punggol Field

My ID was from Starry Homestead. He was very reachable and prompt with his responses. In terms of the workmanship I would give 3/5. That said, his technical knowledge with regards to renovation was good.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 35,300

Completion: January 2018

Mei Shan, Pipit Road

I decided to engage my ID from Starry Homestead because he was able to meet my requirements - he didn't just randomly come up with a proposal - and was more attentive than the other IDs. Some of the rest were more forceful in pushing their ideas onto you. The quality of workmanship was good, and he took the effort to explain why certain materials were used. If anything needed to be changed, he will quickly do it. He was very prompt to give updates and very easily contactable. I'd recommend his services to other homeowners.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 75,000

Completion: February 2018

Geok Leong, Fort Road

We selected Starry Homestead based on budget, and the works involved. We spoke to the ID and found that what they proposed is quite close to what we want. Initially the progress was quite good, but at the later stages, it got a bit slow when it came to the installation of items that were purchased. Generally, they gave prompt responses, and post-reno they are still repsonsive. However, while we agreed on the scope of works abiding by my budget, there are still a few things as an ID, they could have advised better on. For example, in our unit, we kind of extended a study room into a full bedroom, an the original switch is outside the room, and that got overlooked not only by us but by our ID. In the end, we suggested and had to source for our own remote controlled light switch, and discussed with the electrician if it could work. I had to chip in all my resources. I think the ID should have taken these into consideration.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 21,000

Completion: December 2017

Zhen Hui, Taman Jurong

I have decided to signed with Starry Homestead, as they are prompt and provide really good advice. When it comes to executing the project deliverables, they met my expectations and the whole renovation experience was positive. What can be improved was the project management side - the workers created a fair bit of mess which we thought it could be prevented if the ID was on site. Workmanship wise, the quality of carpentry and flooring was good. My only gripe was the electricians - they were a little more slipshod in their work, trying to take shortcuts and the quality output was not up to our standard. Responsiveness wise for his sub-contractors were fine too, except for their electricians. I've flagged this out to our ID and he fixed it. What stood out for me was his design proposal - I thought it was really well done. I will recommend Starry Homestead to my family and friends.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 59,000

Completion: January 2018

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