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Syarif, Waterway View

The Orange Cube’s pricing was good and we liked the design by ID Celson. The experience was rather smooth. In the beginning, we felt that he could have communicated better with us, such as giving us constant updates and frequent follow ups. However, we understood that he was serving a few clients at one go, hence the slight absence. Our ID was there to help compromise on certain things to keep within our budget when there were hiccups, such as our colour choices – we did not pick the right colours at first and had to rectify the issue. I assumed the ID would have ‘corrected’ my choice in the beginning and suggested something that would work better, rather than painting it and then having to rectify it. Apart from that, the workmanship and quality of carpentry was impressive.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 35,000

Completion: December 2017

Adrian, Pasir Ris

I’ve been following The Orange Cube for years and have always been keen in their designs, so when the budget was right we decided to engaged them. Our ID Annie was very responsive to my questions, she was prompt and pro-active as well. The designs proposed were impressive, especially our feature wall and master bedroom, which stood out for us. Their workmanship and carpentry was satisfactory as compared to some works I’ve seen in neighbouring homes. There were no hiccups throughout the renovation, everything went well.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 30,000

Completion: March 2018

Alex, Bishan St

The Orange Cube was on the ball and responsive. My ID, Wendy, was quite experienced. We were working with another ID previously, but she was going on leave, so before the renovation started, she handed it over to Wendy, and the hand over went pretty smoothly. Wendy gave us timely updates during the renovation. In general, it was a postive experience, and the contractors they used didn't spoil anything, so that was good. Now, almost 3/4 year later, there aren't many defects, so I'm pretty pleased with the workmanship. One thing is that we budgeted a lot less, and didn't foresee that we would spend so much more - we thought the extent of works wouldn't be so much. (Perhaps we were inexperienced) Overall, we got what we paid for, and the service was good.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 53,000

Completion: May 2017

Silva, Ang Mo Kio

I engaged Selvina from The Orange Cube. She was knowledgable, and prompt to respond. I was expecting more pro-activeness on her part in terms of suggesting new ideas; considering what we said, but offering a bit more. Their workmanship was good, but the finishing could be a bit better. I would recommend them to other homeowners.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 54,000

Completion: September 2017

Esmond, Tao Ching Road

I was looking online for projects with the theme of Modern Bali Resort and came across a Qanvast article "Renovation Journey: Balinese Paradise". I liked what I saw in the pictures and sent an email to The Orange Cube, requesting to meet up with Chris. We felt that Chris left a strong, lasting impression on us. Professionalism, outstanding carpentry workmanship, and confidence that the job will be done well made our decision easy. He was a pleasure to work with and we were glad that it was a smooth journey considering it was our first renovation. Chris has an excellent eye for detail. Designs and drawings were precise. Chris was firm in her opinions but yet accommodating to our requests. It was impressive when she is always just a message or phone call away. It was never about the profit, no expense was spared on her part to get the works done to the high standards which I had expected. Though there were small inevitable hiccups, it was promptly rectified so everything went well.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 50,000

Completion: August 2017