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Works Included



Hacking of Walls


False Ceiling

Electrical Re-wiring


Paint Job

Aquarius by the Park

Condo | 2 rooms | 147m²

S$ 104,000

New / Resale

Year of Completion


Renovation Duration
10 weeks

Design Fees
S$ 6,000

30 Reviews

Mdm Margaret Koh, Upper Thomson

We had plans to renovate our new home, and our daughter recommended us to check out Qanvast for interior designers. Third Avenue Studio was one of the firms given to us by Qanvast, and we decided to go with them - after meeting 4 others and discussing with my friends and family - because Lawrence, our ID really stood out with this 3D design, confidence and patience. He was always friendly, and open to hearing what ideas we have, advising us on renovation aspects that we might not know, and spending time to carefully explain to us certain terms that I wasn't clear of. Unlike the other interior firms that we met which were more of 'contractors' than 'designers', Lawrence had an eye for design, and would often propose stylish, functional ideas to better improve our space. He also isn't shy about advising us against certain ideas if he thinks they won't look good in our space. During the renovation, it was almost fuss-free. I could place my trust in him to get the job well done, and he did so. I really appreciated how passionate and responsible he was - he would follow us to go shopping, and consulted me in making decisions, such as installing the ceiling lights and fans. Even after the project was completed and we moved in, he'd still help us out with many of the minor stuff, like arranging decor, choosing the right pieces, and was always responsive when there were some rectifications to be made. There was even a point where he fell ill, but he delayed his rest just so that he could coordinate my and his other projects on hand. His level of dedication really impressed me. I'm glad that I chose the right interior firm - with this being the first time doing a renovation, I had worries about having to constantly check and chase for things to get done, or encounter renovation horror stories. But there was none of that working with Lawrence. In fact, Lawrence did a comparison between the 3D mockup and my actual home, and the final result was very close to his 3D impression! Even my sister-in-law, brother, family and friends who have accompanied me through the renovation process were blown away. Overall, I'm very satisfied and I will strongly recommend engaging Lawrence and Third Avenue Studio to my friends and relatives.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 120,000

Completion: December 2017

Mr Chuah, Watten Estate

It was their interesting designs that first caught our eye about Third Avenue Studio on Qanvast. And ultimately, we engaged them as their aesthetic was in line with our style, were more responsive and seem more experienced than the others that we've met. Though our ID Kylie seemed abit unsure about her ideas in the beginning, she stepped up when the renovation works started. Of course, there were bound to be some stumbles during the renovation process, but I felt that Kylie did go above and beyond to help make some changes. For example, certain mistakes made would be rectified with no costs on our part. Halfway through the renovation, Kylie also made some design changes which she thought would improve our home's functionality and look, and did not charge us for it as well. One instance was when she proposed that we changed some of our doors and installed some slabs which would look better - it would have cost a lot, but she did it FOC for us. Overall, I'm very pleased with the work done.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 200,000

Completion: August 2017

Alvin, Kovan

We first discovered Third Avenue Studio from Qanvast and looked up about them on social media, magazines and various websites. We finally decided to engage them as we were impressed by their overall track record and design aesthetic. I'd say the renovation was positive - our designer Kylie delivered the house on the stipulated time we asked, and the firm did come back with the rectification works when requested. However, one major quip that affected our experience was definitely the lack of transparency in pricing. There were a lot of unaccounted and hidden costs, and some costs were added in the last minute. It was painful at times, as we had to haggle and argue out of certain costs that we felt were overinflated or unjustified. For instance, our quote for electrical works was $20,000, but there was no break down in the contract. And when asked, it felt that the prices were 'made up' to fit into the $20k lump sum. Also, some items that were recommended to us weren't exactly necessary or were much more expensive compared to the ones we sourced ourselves. When we decided to get our own switches (As they were more affordable than the ones they offered), the overall price for our electricals did not drop at all as it should. It could have been that the costs were displaced under labour or installation charges instead. It was just an unpleasant aspect that many of these details were not put forth clearly until asked. The final straw came when we decided to use BLUM hinges instead of the hardware brand they recommended - and as a result, we initially had to pay a surcharge of sorts for using non-recommended hardware. We had to go down to their office and stand our ground before they decided to waive off the charges. Perhaps this is common in the interior industry. With this being our first renovation, I'd expected more trust and transparency, considering their track record. Nevertheless, it was relatively smooth, and I loved the final result.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 120,000

Completion: July 2017

Helena, Hillview

We saw Third Avenue Studio's portfolio on Qanvast. Even though we met over 5 interior designers, we decided to go for them as we liked their aesthetic, and the fact that we were able to click with our designer Lawrence very well. In terms of the whole renovation experience, Lawrence was accommodating and often listened to our needs before going ahead with the designs. However, it did have some hiccups with the contractors - where there was miscommunication and certain things weren't delivered timely, and we had to remind them sometimes. To be fair, Lawrence was very responsive and the overall experience turned out well.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 100,000

Completion: May 2017

Mr Ang, Serangoon Gardens

My wife came across Third Avenue Studio from Qanvast, and we finally decided to go with them as we liked the proposed ideas our designers provided us, and we were impressed with their portfolio designs. As for the renovation, it was mostly smooth sailing, and I appreciated that he (our designer) was very helpful, and could sometimes help us out with the sourcing of certain fixtures or items. There were the usual hiccups, but nothing major to note.

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Completion: October 2017