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Min Jun Liew

Reviewed by Min Jun Liew・Submitted 19 May 2022・ Project completed Aug 2022・Designer Lucas

We got to know Lucas, the owner of the company, in March of 2021, began works shortly after in May and were very excited about working with the team because everything seemed promising. This is our first house and our first renovation project. Alas, their replies started slowing down. Text messages were constantly overlooked. Eventually Lucas just stopped replying at all and didn't pick up any calls. Our project was initially managed by Nicole who later stopped replying and then passed the project over to Vivian. Vivian rarely understood what we needed and had delayed responses. She lacked initiative and any professionalism in customer service but we were glad to have her helping us out anyway. After works begun, we would visit the site every now and then. Things started already seeming iffy when we'd go down and no works would be ongoing. Our deadline started getting pushed back from August, to September to the end of the year, to before CNY... And now, it's been a whole year past and we still have had our works completed. To begin with, our project is in a new condominium. The works were very minimal as everything was already built-in. But yet a year on and we still have loose cables hanging from our ceiling, we still have a feature wall that, because has been built with a beam running through it that prevents cables from actually passing through the back of the wall, doesn't function as it should. We cables hanging everywhere, really. Our feature wall was built so high that one has to strain their neck while sitting to watch the TV. But because of how atrocious Archive's service is, we don't even want to pursue this or get it fixed. We just want to accomplish the bare minimum i.e get all the dangling cables away so we can move on with our lives. Lots of the carpentry is terrible - laminate joints in full sight, edges sharp and not flushed. Just terrible quality of work, really. We left the defect checks to them and unfortunately that was our oversight as well. We were too trusting. We've now found giant cracks across our quartz top in the bathroom that was never worked on - so the defect was there even before our keys - but, alas, the IDs have failed to spot it and now the condominium won't be responsible for fixing it anymore. It was a complete mistake on our end, being first-time house owners. To top it all off, I think one of the biggest jokes was that we were told to buy a particular light fixture very early on. Lucas insisted that we'd need to do this first thing so that the measurements could be included into the construction of a metal shelving that we needed to attach the light to. We immediately ordered this online and sent it to the Archive Design office - as instructed. Now, one year later, our light fixture not only hasn't been installed but apparently is lost because Lucas can't find it anymore. He has not gotten back to us if he has or hasn't purchased it (we gave him the online link 4 months ago) and our cables still dangle from the ceiling because the fixture has yet to be found, much less fixed. We have since had the project passed on to yet another junior staff but she has not gotten back to us. Lucas is still MIA and our house still is incomplete. We have a baby very much on the way now and our renovation works are miserable and incomplete. If you're looking to avoid a nightmare of a situation with your IDs and are afraid of running into nightmarish situations your friends have often told you about with ID firms, look another way cause Archive Design is gonna be a living breathing nightmare too.

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