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Reviewed by Susan・Submitted 19 Sep 2018・Project completed Mar 2018

I got to know Flo Design through Qanvast. Initially, I didn't know who to engage initially as there were so many of them to choose from. I did a lot of homework in sourcing different IDs and contractors by going online in reading reviews and getting tips from other homeowners, checking with friends whom have had their renovation done before, went to various ID shops to speak to different designers in getting an understanding of home renovation, and lastly checking on the individual company's credentials. The reason I engaged Flo design was that I felt that they were sincere and honest, and they were genuinely trying their best to produce good works that would please their customers. They were also able to meet my demand and requirement. They are not the most experienced designers in the market but they have the qualities to ensure customers' satisfaction and to get the work done accurately and promptly and this is exactly the type of attitude of a designer that I am looking for. Someone who is willing to learn and explore new ideas, and to share with his customers. I am fortunate to be served by a team of designers and manager. Most of the ID companies that I have encountered usually assign one designer who will run the whole show, however in Flo Design, they work as a team and every one of them has their unique skill and talent that compliment each other. James is the brain for plans and design who produces a various layout of designs and drawings for customers. We had numerous meetings to discuss the design I required over and over again. I can't even remember how many times that he had to amend the design until I was satisfied. The other significant person in Flo Design is the "talking partner," Roger, who engages customers in a discussion for their request and requirement pertaining to the renovation work, and ensuring that the project is running smoothly. Next is the "handyman", Tex, who will fix the nitty-gritty things for you. For one minute, don't think this role isn't important. This is the guy who would ensure that the interior of your home does not fall apart. Together with Vincent, the project manager, the team ensures that the renovation work is run properly, and any correction or rectification is attended promptly; and lastly to meet the deadline of the project. My home renovation took about 6 months. The long duration was partly due to the misunderstanding at the initial stage where I felt that the project was not handled properly. However after the discussion with the designers ironing out the issue, the work was resumed. I had been very busy myself and contributed to the delay. But at the end of the renovation, I was very satisfied with their work. One of the best part of my home is the front gate which was painted in black and gold and the painter did a great job that pleased me a lot. The other person was an experienced carpenter who fixed the defects of my cabinets skillfully. Most of the contractors did a good job for my home. All thanks to Flo Design's designers who were able to plan and coordinate the renovation work in a prompt manner. They also took in the consideration of the homeowners' time so as to avoid any inconvenience that would likely to cause me. I like the way they work as a team. They communicate clearly among themselves and to their customers. Even with busy customers like me, who have very little time to check on the renovation work, they are always there for you. They would visit your home frequently to check on the progress of the renovation and then take pictures to show you. Another thing that impresses me is the way they treat their customers - they don't treat you as a customer. Throughout the many months of interacting with them, I feel like they are like friends. They are very friendly and jovial, particularly Roger who is always so bubbly. Unlike Roger, James is cool and calm, while Tex is always very compromising. And not forgetting their mentor, Vincent, who is always there to provide advice and ideas. A boat does not go smooth sailing all the time. We have our differences in opinion and expectation, and sometimes I disagreed with how things were being carried out. They were always there to explain the details. We also argued over the phone and face-to-face like some kids quibbling. But we always came to a consensus and agreement. Some of the issues that arose were the minor defects appearing on the fixture, but they were duly rectified. I have also met with their contractors who did the renovation work and communicated with them in person so that the work could be carried out accurately and promptly. Instead of going through a third party channel where messages often get distorted, the tripartite communication became the crucial success in my renovation project. The saying of " there is always room for improvement," - It can only be true if one is willing to admit his shortcomings. Renovation ideas are constantly evolving due to demand changes. In order to keep up with the demands, they will need to fill up the gap by attaining knowledge through continuous learning and sharpening their skills through practical work, so as to maintain their standing in the industry. Customers will appreciate a designer who is knowledgeable, creative and innovative in providing ideas and advice if they have no clue of what they want for their home. It is always the case for a new homeowner. An open communication between homeowners, IDs, and contractors will help to smoothen the progress of the renovation in terms of shorter duration, reduced cost and to avoid misunderstanding.

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Accreditation: ★ CaseTrust Accredited ★ HDB Registered Renovation Contractor ★ BCA Certified Interior Designers ★ Bizsafe Level 3 ★ Singapore Leading Enterprise Award 2019 ★ Singapore Prestige Class Award 2019 ★ Singapore Quality Service Brands Award 2019 ★ Top Business Service & Quality Award 2019 ★ Top Leading Entrepreneur Award 2019 ★ Design Trust Award 2019 ★ Top Design & Build 2019 Flo Design is an experienced and highly regarded studio of interior designers who offer a comprehensive, personalised and bespoke design service, involving clients in the creative process. We are committed to responding to our clients’ brief and lifestyle, and creating original, authentic and individual interiors that stand the test of time.
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Workmanship4.7 / 5
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Property TypeProjectsAverage Cost (New)Average Cost (Resale)
HDB5S$ 68,000.00S$ 42,750.00
3-Room1-S$ 35,000.00
5-Room1S$ 68,000.00-
Condo4S$ 24,000.00S$ 80,000.00
2 Bedrooms1S$ 20,000.00-
3 Bedrooms3S$ 26,000.00S$ 80,000.00
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Excellent ID from Flo Design

Reviewed by Gogulan・Submitted 16 Jan 2021・Project completed Jan 2021・Designer Jasmine Baey

Jasmine Baey is a very nice person to work with. She is very professional and takes responsibilities in her work. We handed over the whole house to her and she handled all the renovation works for us. She would keep us updated on the renovation progress through WhatsApp group which was very well informed. Also gave us very practical and insightful suggestions on the renovation. We decided to go with her after going through more than 10+ IDs. Finally, our decision was promptly validated with her excellent service. We would like to recommended to all guys who need renovation. Cheers!

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感恩,Cherish and Sharon

Reviewed by Victor・Submitted 29 Dec 2020・Project completed Dec 2020・Designer Cherish and Sharon

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Cherish and Sharon who managed the renovation of my unit at Toh Guan. In such a cut-throat and competitive industry, the dynamic duo of Cherish and Sharon stood out like a breath of fresh air among the many highly ranked companies which I have visited. The bare minimum of attention to details with a compelling quotation is an expected given for any company and nothing less is needed for any interior designer to survive in such a climate. What stood out for me which distinguished the pair was their amazing and rare ability to empathise, relate and think from my perspective which translated to easy rapport and trust. The respectful and aligned working relationship between Cherish and Sharon also put me at ease as I know they complement each other and the renovation work will be in good hands. The network of external vendors for appliances and furniture also put the team at an advantage as I am assured that the lower prices do not compromise quality. Cherish and Sharon are also go-getters without being pushy and overbearing. You know that you have found the right folks when they spend more effort than you in looking for the best and right tiles for the house - lugging them from column to column and up every floor for comparison. Simply put, Cherish and Sharon take deep personal pride in their work. I am actually very touched that Cherish and Sharon designed and built the house as if it was their own. What also stood out for me was the respectful sparring which Cherish and Sharon will provide in terms of giving their input and advice as I am more often than not clueless and do not have time to explore. These are much appreciated as I know the project is in good and safe hands. Throughout the renovation period, I witnessed how Cherish and Sharon interacted with the project team and vendors to ensure on time delivery with unyielding quality. Seemingly young and inexperienced, do not let this facade fool you. Cherish has an extensive portfolio spanning residential and commercial projects. This breadth allows her to advise from a very practical standpoint from multiple angles. Her positive and can-do spirit will put her in good stead for the future. It is a pity that Sharon was hospitalised during the course of the project, however, given her positive nature, I am confident that she will recover and bounce back even stronger in no time. Flo should be rightfully proud of Cherish and Sharon - a rare sight and team in the industry who goes above and beyond to achieve excellence in quality and standards.

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Ancherle Baptist
Wonderfully Brilliant!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Ancherle Baptist・Submitted 23 Nov 2020・Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Cherish

Here’s a huge THANK YOU! to Cherish Koay for turning our dream home into a reality. Words cannot describe how happy we are with our new home. As a first time home owners with zero experience, we’re often clueless when it comes to what we want in our new home, which paint colours to choose, how much space we need for a certain item to fit, etc. But having Cherish as our ID was a breeze... from the initial first meeting, to the 3D drawings, to the keys collection, to the defects checking, to the delaying process due to the circuit breaker to finally moving in. Cherish took the time to understand our sense of style and what we wanted in our home. Her attention to detail were phenomenal! She used the little space that we have on the outside to create big hidden storage space on the inside (eg: our shoe cabinet which also acts as a full length mirror, the L shaped wardrobe, the half-length mirror in our toilet etc.) She’s sincere in her recommendations; like she’ll help you find an item that’s close to your budget so you won’t overspend on things that are unnecessary. She’s also someone who’s approachable, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, meticulous and best of all, not pushy. That’s qualities that are hard to find nowadays. During the whole renovation phase, there were a few (minor) hiccups from our side (like the change in stove size) but Cherish handled it professionally and was very accommodating to some of the minor changes that we had to make as the renovation was progressing. In the end of the 7-9 weeks of renovation, we got what we wanted! And to point out that the 3D drawings looks almost if not similar to our home in real life. We highly recommend FLO Design. We won’t forget you Cherish, if we ever wanna revamp or move house we’ll come looking for you again. Keke ☺️ Thank you again Cherish for turning our words into drawings and bringing our dream home to life. Cheers 🥂!

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