Aside from altering your home’s layout, look to give a style update for your altar too. Here are some real life examples!

The altar may not be commonplace in homes but how do you design around one, if you want to include it? Here are some makeover ideas to ensure that your altar complements the interiors of your new space!

  1. Have built-ins? Consider fashioning a nook in the middle of your carpentry for a sleeker look.
  2. Build in a suspended shelving unit and flush it to the side. If smoke and incense is a concern, go with darker laminate wraps.
  3. Adapt your feature wall in the living room. Think flat surfaces where your altar can rest on.
  4. Cubbyholes are also a fantastic alternative as they can be customised to fit according to your preferences.
  5. For a slightly more organic or traditional take, we recommend setting the altar on wooden furnishings with a few modern twists.
  6. Awkward corners in the home? Fill it out with built-ins and carve a space for your altar.
  7. Transform your living room partitions into a placeholder for your altar.
  8. Customise carpentry and make sure it’s able to withstand harsh weather to keep your altar out on the balcony area or close up the exposed area.

Where can you place it then? Most altars are commonly found in the living room but there a few other areas of the home you can consider, such as the balcony, bedroom, entryway, hallways and dining area.