Window Seat

Maximise your home’s alcoves with these bay window seat ideas!

Don’t neglect your windows when designing your new home! And when we say that we don’t mean just dressing them up with stylish drapes or curtains, or getting shiny new grilles to frame the awesome view outside.

Instead, you should try your hand at creating a cosy nook, especially if your home is blessed with panoramic, full-height windows. With that said, here is why (and how) you can create a window seat in every room:

1. Living Room

If you entertain frequently, bay window seats will make a valuable addition to your living room because of the extra seating space they provide. Just plop in a couple of fluffy cushions and you are ready to go!

Looking for rugs, cushions, and throws to accompany your cosy corner? Check out these soft furnishing stores, which have what you need and more!

2. Bedroom

Window seats that come with built-in cabinets and drawers are a great way to supplement your wardrobe storage. Keep your luggage bags, extra clothes, and other belongings stowed away in these multi-purpose fixtures to keep your boudoir free of clutter.

3. Children’s Room

Aside from the extra storage utility, having a well-constructed bay window seat in your child’s bedroom also helps as it will most certainly serve as a sturdy changing station.

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