Monochrome Shelves

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Parkland Residence (Block 475C), Corazon Interior, Modern, Dining Room, HDB, Concealed Lighting, Concealed Lights, Recessed Lighting, Recessed Lights, Dining Table, Dining Bench, Cushioned Bench, Black Chairs, Black Bench, Wall Portraits, Hanging Lights, Monochrome Shelves, Shelves, Pendant Lights, Light Fixture, Roof Rack, Indoors, Interior Design, Room, Restaurant
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25A Parry Avenue, Corazon Interior, Contemporary, Landed, Wooden Flooring, Toy Displays, White Table, Timber Flooring, Black Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Fan, Recessed Lighting, Recessed Lights, Concealed Lighting, Concealed Lights, Monochrome Shelves, Open Shelves, Indoors, Interior Design
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25A Parry Avenue, Corazon Interior, Contemporary, Landed, Recessed Lights, Recessed Lighting, Wooden Flooring, Timber Floor, Curtains, White Curtains, Black Desk, Monochrome Shelves, Monochrome Cabinets, Wall Mounted Shelves, Flooring
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Anchorvale Street (Block 331A), Le Interi, Contemporary, HDB, Wall Shelf, Wall Shelves, White Flooring, White Floor, Recessed Lights, Recessed Lighting, Wall Portrait, Portraits, Monochrome Shelves
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Visioncrest (Oxley Rise), Corazon Interior, Traditional, Dining Room, Condo, Pendant Lights, Disco Ball, Disco Pendant Lights, White Brick Wall, Brick Wall, White Wall, Black Dining Table, Black Dining Chair, Round Table, Monochrome Kitchen, Monochrome Shelves, Indoors, Interior Design, Room, Chair, Furniture, Kitchen
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