See what the high life is like in these luxe penthouses that ooze style and class.

Penthouses. They are the homes of the super-wealthy, the sky-high abodes of millionaires – but that isn’t what makes these prime apartments so special. Instead, it’s their ‘above-all-others’ position that gives them their reputation as some of the most prestigious properties around the world.

And as if being perched on the top floors of high-rise estates isn’t impressive enough, these prestigious pads even come with a square footage that twice (or more) that of regular flats – which only means more space for luxurious facilities, such as rooftop pools, private gyms and private lift lobbies.

If you are lucky enough to call a penthouse home (or are simply wondering what it’s like to live in one), here are the key property features that are worth capitalising on when renovating.

Outdoor areas with a splendid view

With magnificent views of the surroundings and beyond, the balcony of a penthouse is probably the best chill out spot in any neighbourhood – which is why creating seamless spaces between the indoors and outdoors is an idea worth trying out. Just imagine having a romantic meal against the rustic backdrop of a beautiful sunset at an alfresco dining area, and you’ll get the picture.

Tall ceilings for lofts

Urban lofts aren’t great just because they provide an efficient way to maximise the vertical space in homes with tall ceilings.

If you live in a penthouse, these mezzanines are the perfect complement for full-height windows as you’ll be able to take in the bird’s eye view even while indoors. Plus, with a loft, you will be able to double your single-floor home from the inside, which means even more room to sculpt as you please.

Large, naturally-lit spaces

What’s better than a spacious room? A well-lit one flooded with sunlight, that’s what. After all, there’s no point in having large spaces if you can’t see anything. That said, in the case of penthouses, this probably isn’t going to be an issue as these luxe homes often come with naturally lit rooms that take up almost an entire level.

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