Break up the monotony of painted walls and add texture to your space with these brilliant wainscoting ideas!

From paint to a gallery for your photos, there are a multitude of ways you can dress up your plain walls. However, what can you do to make the space stand out more? We recommend looking into wainscoting!

What is wainscoting?

It’s a decorative panelling that usually covers half of your interior walls. Wainscoting, trim and paneling are often referred to as millwork.

Why should I add it to my home?

Though panelling used to serve a more functional purpose (covering the walls from water damage in homes constructed with poor damp-proof courses), it’s largely decorative now. However, that’s not to say that these features don’t add additional value to the home. Wainscoting is highly ornate and is commonly associated with seventeenth and eighteenth century interior design (think Victorian architecture). Because of this, it adds an air of luxury into your space.

In addition, these wall panellings can be extended to create the illusion of a generous ceiling height.

Here’s how you can decorate your panels:

  1. Make your walls pop by painting your panels in a different (but complementary) shade to your walls.
  2. Hang art onto your walls or within the mouldings of the frame.
  3. Create a high impact, visually stimulating look by contrasting the panels with a graphic wallpaper plastered to the top half of your walls.

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