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Specialising in furniture solutions that make use of a wide array of materials, from marble to solid wood, and even concrete, Martlewood is certainly not your usual homegrown furniture store – and it has an extensive inventory of more than 300 products to prove it.

On top of that, Martlewood is also capable of helping homeowners achieve their bespoke furniture dreams – with customisation options available for its marble, granite, quartz and other stone-made pieces. Their marble collection is also fully-customisable, and clients are even allowed to pick out their own preferred slab.

Every client has unique requirements, and we believe in helping them achieve their desired style.
14 Arumugam Road, #04-06 LTC Building C Singapore 409959
Facet Concrete Planter
Delta Concrete Shelf
Hilo Terrazzo Dining Table
Vault Concrete Bench
Lista Concrete Table
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The Table Guy 2
The Table Guy
A local startup launched in 2017, The Table Guy is an up-and-coming brand that specialises in customising and craft finishing wood slab tables of all sizes at affordable prices. In line with founder Darryl Loh’s passion of sharing the natural art in solid wood, clients are encouraged to invest some time to discover their favourite piece at The Table Guy showroom where they can explore interesting one-off pieces – such as teak-root consoles and coffee tables as well as furniture made from recycled wood (teak and ironwood) – in the comfort of a relaxed environment. The Table Guy also accepts commissions for resin tables, which are unique natural slabs transformed into inimitable statement pieces.
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born in colour
Are quirky, unique furnishings your kind of thing? Then look no further than born in colour! Run by a team of “normal Singaporeans”, born in colour certainly lives up to its name with an extraordinarily vibrant range of products curated for eclectic decorators. Keep an eye out for notables such as retro-inspired TV consoles as well as cutesy, one-of-a-kind storage receptacles from Korean brand, Macaron Family. For those who prefer a more restrained aesthetic, born in colour also stocks an array of contemporary furniture, including kinfolk multi-seater sofas as well as hardwood TV consoles that certainly have a place in any classically good looking home.
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Meraki Decoration
It’s not a stretch to say that Meraki Decoration is well-versed in providing complete furniture solutions for its customers. With a global operation that spans Singapore, China (HK, Taiwan), Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Europe and the U.S, this online retailer takes its business of providing furniture solutions seriously, catering to both commercial and home interiors alike. Check out their comprehensive online catalogue, where you’ll find a collection of stylish furniture, lighting and decorative accessories, which includes interesting original creations, such as terrazzo lamps and concrete shelves (!) that were created in conjunction with independent design brand Bentu.