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Review of Todz’Terior
Mohammed Shareef
Review of Thomas from Todz'Terior

Reviewed by Mohammed Shareef・Submitted 31 May 2021・Project completed Aug 2021・Designer Thomas

I'm thankful to Thomas for providing a comprehensive quotation for my renovation plan. He also provided many valuable advice and was very professional in his dealings with us. Thomas was very responsive, friendly and approachable. He made sure to include discounts as well as free things to perk up our quotation. Thomas was also very punctual to our meeting and was very warm to us. He ensured that we understood the things that he was quoting and was also quick to respond on any questions i had

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Great pleasure to have Belle with Forefront Interior
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Li Xiaoman・Submitted 15 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Belle

Very nice to have Belle with Forefront Interior for our renovation project given the limited time. She is very patient, understands our needs, and transformed our resale unit into a lovely and cozy home. Our communication is seamless. Despite the recent lockdown, the whole team managed to finish all the material shipment and installation within schedule. Nice workmanship, and definitely recommended!

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ATAZ HAUS Is The Best!!!!

Reviewed by Wati・Submitted 13 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Kerxin and Wayne

We consulted few IDs recommended by Qanvast, but Kerxin and Wayne from Ataz Haus was able to convince us that they were able to do a total makeover of our old 4-room HDB Flat in AMK. Kerxin and Wayne was ever willing to take up the enormous challenge that we demanded. Our first meeting with these fantastic duo took place sometime in January 21 and they make it easy for us when they came to our place. That’s already save us time. Next, they listen to our needs and demand. They never imposed their ideas but instead they would gave us advice on making things better. Due to Covid, Kerxin was able to make a proper schedule of work that starts from 19 Apr. We only able to give about 6 weeks period before we need to move into our unit. Remarkably, from the start of the renovation work, Kerxin and Wayne were able to get all the resources ready to work on the total makeover of our unit. What impressed me most was that Kerxin was always at the renovation side everyday and coordinating the work with the workers. When Kerxin was not around, Wayne would be there. On the cost, Ataz Haus was very transparent with the quotation and there was no add-on to the agreed cost of the reno. We also appreciate that Ataz Haus not only do a good work renovating our unit, they also go extra miles by helping to install some of our heavy wall decoration. In fact, the ‘boss’ of Ataz Haus, also came to help with the installation. We were so impressed by the ‘’family’’ kind of togetherness between them as they work together to complete the work within the time limit. We were very happy and satisfied with the end product of our renovation. The workmanship and quality of Ataz Haus of high quality. I highly recommend Ataz Haus as a renovation company that consumers should consider and engaged. Kerxin and Wayne were exceptional and committed to their work.

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Review an Interior Firm
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Review of Jialux Interior
Weeheng Koh
Our humble home
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Weeheng Koh・Submitted 12 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Tan Khim Ho

My wife and myself are pleased to have chosen Jialux Interior to design our humble house. Our home ID Khim is a talented interior designer you will ever come across. He is professional and takes personal interest with every detail. Khim has a talented eye and makes suggestions around our needs. He is so personable that he quickly became a good friend. You can’t have a more creative, fun person as an interior designer in your home than Khim.

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JaWs Lyn
Awesome service

Reviewed by JaWs Lyn・Submitted 12 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Vincent Lai

I had visited The Local INN.terior Pte Ltd and met with Vincent Lai, our sales agent at the Serangoon Garden outlet! He is super helpful and he had also gave his honest opinion about some of the designs and products I had asked during our meetings. This is a great value to first time home owners like myself, which is very difficult to find in most of the other shops, nowadays! Will definitely recommend this to my friends and relatives! 😊😊

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Review of Bsquared Design House
Tham Shen Hong

Reviewed by Tham Shen Hong・Submitted 12 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Jason Lin

TLDR: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN INTERIOR DESIGNER, DO NOT HIRE JASON LIN OF BSQUARED DESIGN HOUSE, UNLESS YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE WHAT TRUE ANXIETY FEELS LIKE. Hi all, I am writing a review of my terrible experience with Jason Lin, of the ID firm Bsquared Design House. He is a disgrace to the profession and has made our renovation process a nightmare. I hope to warn anyone from engaging his services.   Our dissatisfaction with Jason can be summed up into 2 broad reasons – 1) lack of accountability and professionalism, and 2) shoddy workmanship. 1. Lack of accountability and professionalism a) Ghosted us multiple times Jason has ghosted us at least 4 times throughout the process, for days at a go. Despite having 3 numbers to reach him at, Jason would ignore our Whatsapp messages (not even read) and our calls. He would usually get back to us a few days later. Some of the excuses he used on us: - Left his phone(s) at his friend’s place; - Left his phone(s) in a Grab; - Reached home late and phone(s) batt died; and - Had his phones impounded by the police (for reasons we shall not disclose here). His lack of response to our requests for updates are anxiety-inducing. At one point, we were worried that he would run off with our deposit, despite having done just a fraction of the work. No homeowner should have to experience this. Currently, he has not responded to us for a week even though we still have rectification works outstanding. b) Missing completion deadlines We engaged Jason in Oct 2019, with the expected completion timeline to be around June 2020 as we were waiting for HIP works in Q1/2 2020. Hence, it was agreed that all wet works and carpentry fabrication could start immediately so the basic make-good works would be done before HIP started, then the carpentry installation immediately after HIP. By the time Q1 came and went, only hacking was done. Then COVID hit and all works were stopped. By the end of circuit breaker (Q3 2020), we had found alternative accoms, so we were not chase him on our reno works. We reminded him of our project in Q4 2020 as we had a clear timeline on HIP by then as well, but nothing was done despite multiple chasers. Even after HIP started, Jason did not confirm details on the carpentry, electrical works etc. This was also when the ghosting started. After he ghosted us, we attempted to terminate our contract with him in Feb 2021, but he promised that he will refund us the amount that we paid (>1 years ago) for undone works, and only collect payment when carpentry is installed, so we gave in. BIG MISTAKE as leopards do not change their spots. He eventually refunded us, but his professionalism and work quality continued to be lacking. When we spoke in Feb 2021, Jason told us that our place would be done up by mid-April. Mid-April came, and the house was nowhere near a liveable state. We told him to buck up as we were targeting to move in mid-May. However, there continued to be delays in electrical and carpentry works on his end, which meant the completion deadline was delayed again. We finally moved in in mid-June 2021 (2 months delay) after hiring our own electrician to rectify the works. c) Late for appointments Jason and his subcons/workers would also constantly turn up late for appointments or miss it completely. On one memorable occasion we waited almost 5 hours for him and his carpentry workers/electrician to arrive at the apartment to rectify some works. His forever excuse was that it was raining and that there were site delays, but the fact was that he committed to a timing yet completely disregarded it. He also lacked basic courtesy to inform us of any delays ahead of the agreed time. To be fair, his workers (who wears another company - BlackMRKT - tees) are very hardworking. Moral of the story: timelines and punctuality mean nothing to this man. His overall lack of professionalism is stunning. 2. Shoddy workmanship Jason probably messed up at least 50% of the works. Carpentry, painting, and electricals all had to be redone at least once. a) Carpentry We reconfirmed the carpentry measurements at least on 4 occasions, but somehow the measurements for our cabinets and kitchen island etc were still wrong in the end. Some of the final products were different from the final carpentry drawings. We also had to repurchase our wardrobe inserts, condiments rack etc last minute even though we asked him if these would fit before purchase and gave Jason the measurements last year. Our washing machine cabinet doors could not be installed because of wrong measurements as well. The recess we designed for the fridge was also too shallow. b) Electrical Works Despite multiple messages to reconfirm the electrical points (we provided a drawing after receiving none from him), he ignored our requests, leading to: - wrong number of power points - poor wiring, Wrong placement of power points - no allowance provided for fibre termination point In one hilarious instance, instead of a power point, he installed a heater switch (?????). His electrician also did not turn up to rectify these issues despite assurances from him, and we engaged another electrician after waiting for over a month. c)      Painting Initial painting works were abysmal – the paint would bleed, holes and bumps on surfaces, forgot to apply sealer, applied the wrong sealer despite us instructing specifically which sealer to use, etc. In total, we had to repaint 3 times and the works are still not really satisfactory. Jason used Matex paint for the walls instead of Vinilex as quoted; only found out as we were down at the site – he probably tried to smoke us. In the end, we decided to stick wallpaper on the walls to improve the look. Final Thoughts Jason’s Modus Operandi is that he will promise to do this, fix that for you tomorrow/next week, but he will conveniently forget or find some other excuse the next week. This was how the works got perennially delayed. Also, even when we asked whether he was sure certain things could be done, he would reply yes confidently, but weeks or months later would tell us that the works were impossible after his workers were unable to carry out the works. Jason’s abysmal performance and conduct is in stark contrast to some of the vendors we had engaged independently, who were true professionals (e.g. wallpaper, window, laundry rack, replacement electrician, curtains). If you have engaged him, please hold more than 5% of the contract amount for final payment as he will simply Moving forward, we lodged a report with CASE, but CASE unfortunately can only set up negotiations and mediation with the vendor. We’ll be looking at other avenues to get compensation.

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Review of 9 Creation
Positive ID experience from beginning to end of project

Reviewed by Francis Lim・Submitted 12 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Brandon

The good feeling and vibes started with our first walk in chat with our designer. He had many ID ideas which did not need our prompting, able to answer to our needs even when we were demanding and specific with what we want. Throughout the design and material selection and execution processes, they were accommodating and detailed. The final product was as per design. We were Very happy customers. A special mention that Brandon played a big part to our positive experiences. He is young but very professional, knowledgeable, approachable, energetic and merticulous.

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Review of Ciseern
June Ng
Great Job!

Reviewed by June Ng・Submitted 11 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Cindy

It was a fuss free and enjoyable renovation journey with Ciseern. Special thanks to our ID, Cindy, for always adhering to all our special needs and requests. She is very friendly and responsive. Quality of carpentry is great- I particularly love the soft closing system for my kitchen cabinets. Water proof board below my sink is also a great feature. Thank you to Cindy and Ciseern for keeping to the tight timeline during this COVID period so that we can move in on time!

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Review of Interior Times
Renovation of 4 room BTO

Reviewed by Dickson・Submitted 11 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Stanley Low

I highly recommend Interior Times.I found the service extremely professional and easy to work with for someone who works full-time and travels a lot. The team had a great understanding of what I prefer and didn’t prefer and best of all , make the most of my budget to make our home a lovely home. We really enjoy all about our new home and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants quality expertise with value for money. For the price I am really pleased with the quality of workmanship and materials, compared to the past few renovations I have had. The process was super smooth and I would definitely hire them again should I need any future renovation work. Highly impressed and happy with Stanley and his team, who did an amazing job at my place. Stanley was extremely meticulous and accommodating to our requests along the way. In the end we were surprised that the outcome was even better than we expected.

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Went beyond their way to ensure everything is meticulously completed

Reviewed by Meijie Tan・Submitted 10 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Ming Hui and Minne

Engaged Luova Project Services for a total revamp of a 25 year old HDB unit as we moving back to stay with parents. From Day 1, Ming Hui and Minne had provided their best advice and professional views to cater for the requirements of all family members. They are very responsive and went beyond their way to ensure everything is meticulously completed. The works were completed well ahead of timeline and we are very satisfied with the completed works. Highly recommended and will definitely go back to Luova for future works, big or small.

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Carol Yen
Sincere and genuine services

Reviewed by Carol Yen・Submitted 9 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Eleven Teo

When it comes to renovation, we certainly do not wish to engage a sweeping statement designer and will wash hands right after completion. Eleven is one of the most genuine and sincere person whom we have come across in life. She is one on the ball person and has always been there for all our enquiries and concerns at lightning speed even though she has other work projects ongoing. A very patient ID and will ensure we are comfortable with where we are before she takes her leave for other work and the response is still fast even though the project has officially been handover. We are thankful to have her assigned to us and we believe you too will be touch by her sincerity!

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Thank you!

Reviewed by EZRA・Submitted 9 Jun 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Samantha Lau

ABCD has helped my office to complete the reinstatement job in an efficient and satisfying manner.Ezra and his team are excellent from quality, professionalism and cost point of view. Sufficient manpower and experience workers were provided during the project and able to fulfil all requirements and complete the job within the promised time frame. Was a very satisfying and smooth transaction with ABCD. Definitely will look for ABCD again for my next ID or renovation projects! Thanks ABCD and Ezra!

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