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27 Bedroom Wardrobe Designs That Aren’t Boring or Basic

January 31, 2022

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When it comes to clothes, it’s always nice to have a varied collection so that you won’t end up wearing the same pieces week after week. Yet this can sometimes be too much of a good thing, especially when your favourite threads start piling up in your bedroom.

So, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 27 stylish, and not to mention, viable wardrobe design ideas that’ll ensure your bedroom looks as good as you do!

1. Get a compact capsule wardrobe that also offers easy accessibility

Skyville @ Dawson by Inizio Atelier
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View this project by Inizio Atelier

If space is a limited resource in your bedroom, you may want to consider a capsule wardrobe! Other than giving you an easy way to keep your clothes organised, having one also brings other benefits – like freeing up floor space and offering easier access to your belongings.

2. Consider a wardrobe with a big open shelf for storage and convenience

Pinnacle @ Duxton by THIRD PARAGRAPH
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View this project by THIRD PARAGRAPH

If an open-concept capsule wardrobe is too radical for your tastes, perhaps a closet with a large open shelf might be more up your alley. Feel free to use it however you wish – as a place to hang your clothes, a display area, or just a handy spot to keep small items within reach.

3. Give your wardrobe sufficient illumination with back lights

Country Esquire by Charlotte's Carpentry
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View this project by Charlotte's Carpentry

Warm backlights aren’t just useful for accentuating a bold, dark bedroom. Get a couple of them for your wardrobe and you’ll never again have to fumble about in the darkness for your favourite shirt while getting dressed in the early hours of the morning.

4. Wall off part of your bedroom with wardrobes to create a private changing area

Woodlands Avenue 6 by Yang's Inspiration Design
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View this project by Yang's Inspiration Design

Not everyone has a spare room at home to transform into a walk-in wardrobe, but that doesn’t it’s impossible to have one. With storage units of the right size and shape, it’s possible to segment off part of your bedroom to create a private changing ‘room’ and/or storage nook for your clothes.

5. Replace a bedroom partition wall with a built-in wardrobe

Boon Tiong Rd by Ovon Design
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View this project by Ovon Design

Given its size, a wardrobe can take up a significant amount of space – which isn’t ideal if your bedroom is tiny.

As an alternative, consider tearing down one of the partition walls in your bedroom and replacing it with a built-in wardrobe. That way, you can have an unimpeded path in and out of your bedroom, plus ample space to store your clothes!

6. Accentuate your bedroom wardrobe with grooved handles

Punggol Drive by
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View this project by

As simple as they look, grooved door handles are a popular design choice for wardrobes nowadays. And for good reason too! Sleekness aside, the embedded design of these handles also prevents your clothes from getting caught while you’re opening/closing wardrobe doors.

7. Have a glass display case built into the side of your wardrobe.

Kim Keat Link by The Interior Lab
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View this project by The Interior Lab

A glass display case does what an open shelf does but provides even better protection and security for your belongings. Likewise, keeping your bags and other items corralled away within one will also contribute to your efforts of reducing bedroom clutter.

8. Get a corner wardrobe, but fancy it up with panelling…

Anchorvale Lane by Ethereall
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View this project by Ethereall

Corner wardrobes are a common sight in Singapore homes because of how well they maximise space in small bedrooms. But to make yours stand out more, you may want to accentuate them with some decorative touches like panelling or shaker-style frames.

9. … Or stylish, angled cut-outs.

Anchorvale Lane by Zenith Arc
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View this project by Zenith Arc

If the farmhouse/boho-chic look isn’t your cup of tea, these angled cut-outs will make for a modish design accent for your bedroom wardrobe.

10. Equip the sides of your pocket door wardrobe with even more storage

Pasir Ris West by Salt Studio
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View this project by Salt Studio

The biggest advantage that pocket doors have over their swing-open counterparts is their space-saving design. Plus, if there's enough space at the sides of your wardrobe, you can even squeeze in a pull-out storage compartment for scarfs/ties/other thin fabric accessories.

11. Add thin light strips above your wardrobe for indirect lighting

Northshore Drive by Swiss Interior Design
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View this project by Swiss Interior Design

Depending on where your wardrobe is located relative to natural light sources in your bedroom (e.g. away from the windows), installing some overhead lighting may be a good idea – also, install strip lights if you’d like a cosy setup that isn’t glaring.

12. Equip your wardrobe’s sliding doors with floor-to-ceiling mirrors

Tampines Street 86 by Rhiss Interior
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View this project by Rhiss Interior

Loose furniture pieces like standalone mirrors offer the advantage of flexibility, but they aren’t always the best accessory options for tight areas. To save space and maximise vertical room, consider making mirrors part of your wardrobe’s design instead, just like in this example.

13. Install a privacy screen between your wardrobe and bed

Tampines Street 43 by Apex Studios
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View this project by Apex Studios

Apart from adding visual appeal, fluted wooden panels can also be used to keep your sleeping area and wardrobe separate for a more organised bedroom layout. But do remember to wipe these dividers periodically with a damp cloth to prevent any dirt/lint accumulation between gaps!

14. Add some visual flair to your wardrobe doors with rattan inlays

Alkaff Oasis by Ascend Design
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View this project by Ascend Design

Rattan is always a good choice of material if you’re looking to bring an organic touch into your home. Plus, its natural colours make it a good match for (almost) any aesthetic, so you won’t have to worry about it being too much of a contrasting element in your bedroom.

15. Make your wardrobe stand out by decorating it with terrazzo-look laminates

Toa Payoh Lorong 8 by Anhans Interior Design
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View this project by Anhans Interior Design

Laminates are a great (read: cost-effective) way to spruce up the look of any surface –including the exterior of your bedroom wardrobe. Opt for terrazzo-look coverings with colourful flecks for a wardrobe facade that’s both trendy and vibrant.

16. Give your wardrobe a timeless touch (and privacy) with fluted glass in-lays

Ang Mo Kio by Fuse Concept
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View this project by Fuse Concept

Getting fluted glass in-lays for your wardrobe is an idea worth trying. For one, they bring with them a degree of privacy without blocking off light entirely, and two, these stylish fixtures will add texture to your bedroom built-ins for an extra-interesting look!

17. Build recessed shelves into the sides of your wardrobe…

Corporation Drive by Notion of W
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View this project by Notion of W

If you’re already installing a wardrobe in your bedroom for storage, you may as well make the most of it by having a couple of vertical shelves built into the sides as space-maximising/saving add-ons.

18. … Or have a recessed bookshelf installed in the front.

Vibes @ East Coast by Design 4 Space
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View this project by Design 4 Space

In this example found in the bedroom of an East Coast condominium, a front-facing recessed bookshelf complements regular cabinets to provide a mix of open and closed storage options – which is a suitable setup if flexibility is what you need and/or want.

19. Introduce display shelves into your wardrobe’s design as a way of breaking the monotony

Duku Road by Prozfile Design
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View this project by Prozfile Design

Building floor-to-ceiling shelves which draw the eye upwards is one way that you can create a break in the visual monotony of a continuous structure, on top of putting an emphasis on the height of your bedroom’s ceiling.

21. Sneak in a bedside table into your wardrobe’s design for convenience…

Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1 by Mr Designer Studio
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View this project by Mr Designer Studio

As shown above, the front and sides of a wardrobe can provide storage opportunities – and this example from a Yio Chu Kang flat’s bedroom – takes things one step further by maximising both positions with a conveniently-placed bedside table that’s at the right height.

22. … Or have an entire make up vanity built into your wardrobe.

Yishun Ring Road by Orange Interior
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View this project by Orange Interior

Vanities don’t necessarily have to take up a lot of room, but space efficiency is always a good thing. You can free up more square footage in your bedroom by installing a vanity within your wardrobe as opposed to having it as a freestanding piece of furniture.

23. Combine your wardrobe with your bedroom’s ‘TV console’…

Yishun by Swiss Interior Design
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View this project by Swiss Interior Design

Like vanities and side tables, TV consoles don’t necessarily have to be standalone add-ons to be useful. Build one into your wardrobe and you’ll find yourself with more walkway space and less clutter in your bedroom.

24. … Or make your wardrobe a two-in-one built-in with a side table

Chai Chee Avenue by Albedo Design
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View this project by Albedo Design

With custom carpentry (and the right ideas), it’s possible to kit out your bedroom with a wardrobe-integrated study table, which in this case, also functions as a threshold between rest and work zones.

25. Customise your bedroom wardrobe with a built-in altar

Bedok South Road by 9 Creation
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View this project by 9 Creation

An altar isn’t something that you’d usually see in a bedroom – much less one that’s part of a wardrobe’s structure. But hey, if you aren’t sure if this is a feasible built-in idea, here’s all the assurance you’ll need.

26. Create wardrobe doors that conceal your bathroom's entrance

Summerhill by i-Chapter
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View this project by i-Chapter

It’s no portal to a magical land with lions and witches, but at least one of these wardrobe’s doors functions as a concealed entrance to an en suite within this Bukit Timah condominium’s bedroom.

27. Have your bedroom wardrobe built atop a bay window seat

Blu Coral by Starry Homestead
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View this project by Starry Homestead

Bay window seats often provide nice spots to take in the view from the comfort of a bedroom, but it’s a fact that they take up plenty of precious space too. So, how about building your wardrobe atop one? This way, you get to maximise bedroom space while getting all the storage functionality that you need!

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