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5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

April 10, 2015

When a woman decides the colour of the walls, the pattern of the curtains, and the walk-in wardrobe she absolutely needs, an astute man knows better than to stop her from having what she wants. At the very least, we pick our battles.

But when it comes to our man cave, it belongs to us, and absolutely no one can touch it but us. It is where we can have a bunch of gaming accessories and five computer screens without being fussed over. Yes, that’s where we regain our sanity and do exactly what we please.

These man caves, which are converted from spare rooms, are nothing short of epic!

Man's Office

The boy inside you probably wants to own a lightsaber and be able to proudly display it in your room. In a man cave, you don’t need to ask for permission. You can do whatever you please. Remember, your toy and poster collections will only grow, so designing a room that recognises that with help you build that story. Want an outrageous wallpaper? You got it!

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas
5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Designer: ZL Construction
Location: Upper Boon Keng (HDB)

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Designer: Space Vision
Location: Tampines Street (HDB)

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Designer: Woof Wolf
Location: Parc Rosewood (condo)

Jam Out

Here’s where you can rock it out or try your hand at writing a love song for your special someone. It is therefore worthwhile to put in extra effort to build a space where you can unwind and indulge in your alone time. It may be a good idea to soundproof the room too.

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas
5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Design: Flipside Design
Location: Ang Mo Kio (condo)

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: Casafina (condo)

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Fajar Road

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Designer: Aiden T
Location: Edgefield Plains (HDB)

Coffee or Home Bar

How many of you get annoyed when someone touches your coffee machine settings? Well, if coffee is that important to you, create your own coffee bar and you can call the shots (pun intended). Or would you prefer to have a home bar to invite a couple of bros over. The ultimate bro spot without leaving home.


Interior Designer: Green and Lush
Location: Boon Lay (HBD)


Interior Designer: FSI
Location: Simei Lane (HDB, $55,000)

Dream Gym

Having a gym at home allows you to work out and train for your upcoming marathon any time of the day, without the need to step out of the house. No more waiting for your turn and wiping someone else’s sweat off the shared machine at the club, and no more excuses to not exercise.


Interior Designer: The Design Ministry
Location: Jalan Sejarah


Interior Designer: W2 Design Associates
Location: Limau Walk (landed)


A home is not complete without some mentertainment for sure! Call the guys over and enjoy an overnight round of games. Follow these homes and make your favourite pasttime the statement piece in your man cave.


Interior Design: D'Marvel Scale
Location: Park Green (condo)


Interior Design: The Design Practice
Location: Fernvale (HDB)

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Design: Museum Homes
Location: Jalan Senang (landed)

5 Epic Man Caves Ideas

Interior Design: Museum Homes
Location: Jalan Senang (landed)

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