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8 Fresh Gaming Setup Ideas Your Partner Will Approve Of

You don’t even need a whole room for some of these ideas!

It’s every gamer’s dream to have a dedicated room for their hobby, but setting it up can be tougher than it looks. Will it clash with my home aesthetic? What if I don’t have enough space in my house? Would bae mind sacrificing a spare room to set up your gaming rig?

To kickstart your brainstorming session, we’ve sussed out 8 different gaming room ideas that you can use in your own home. Go wild gamers!

1. Set up a gaming station within your living room

Sumang Lane by Ethereall
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View this project by Ethereall

If you’ve been blessed with a large living room (lucky you!), consider setting up your gaming rig right there! Using a long table here can act as a divider between the gaming space and TV area – just take a look at this house in Sumang Lane for inspiration.

While it’s not a gaming area per se, it’s still a good example of how you can carve out a gaming area in your own home. Note how the gaming area doesn’t look awkward or out of place, thanks to the colour schemes and industrial-themed fittings that match with the rest of the house.

2. Turn a spare bedroom into a shared his-and-hers gaming room

Alkaff Crescent by Design 4 Space
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View this project by Design 4 Space

Do you and boo both love gaming? Well, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. You’ll also love this idea of turning a spare room into a shared gaming space, which is a twist on the typical his-and-hers ideas out there!

Being avid gamers, the owners of this Alkaff Crescent home opted for vibrant colours that reflect their love for Japanese RPGs. Despite this being a shared room, see how they’ve demarcated their own spaces with accessories, lights and even gaming chairs. We love a geeky couple duo!

3. Utilise small, unused corners of your home

Northshore Drive by Urban Home Design 二本設計家
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View this project by Urban Home Design 二本設計家

You don’t always need an extra room to have a gaming den. Honestly, all you truly need is a small, unused corner. As shown in this home, this tiny corner is more than enough to fit the homeowner’s entire rig – desktop, gaming chair, dual monitors and all.

We love the combination of the RGB keyboard and neon lights as well – it really brings out those LAN shop vibes!

4. Demarcate a gaming area in your bedroom using carpentry

Vida by Habit
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View this project by Habit

Don’t have a spare room, but have enough space in your bedroom for a small gaming area? Carpentry can help. Things like decks are an especially useful (and space-savvy) way to demarcate different areas. You can see how it looks in this bedroom in Vida, where the deck acts as a divider that distinguishes the sleeping area from the study/working table.

5. Convert odd spaces into a small gaming room

Ang Mo Kio Street 52 by Ataz Haus Interior Design
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View this project by Ataz Haus Interior Design

Older HDB flats in Singapore tend to have oddly-shaped layouts that include awkward spaces that no one really knows what to do with. So if you happen to live in one such house, here’s an idea: turn that awkward space into a gaming area, like this homeowner in Ang Mo Kio has done!

It’s not easy to maximise odd spaces caused by slanted and diagonal walls, but thanks to the clever use of sliding doors, they’ve carved out enough space to set up a small study area that also fits in seamlessly with their living room.

6. Purchase a large TV to bring your console games to life

Lilydale by Swiss Interior Design
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View this project by Swiss Interior Design

Console screens and small monitors just don’t do some games justice. Imagine doing that with games like The Witcher 3 – it’s almost a crime.

If you share that same sentiment, consider purchasing a huge TV screen, like the one here. You can use it in your living room, or set it up in a separate home entertainment room – either way, you’ll be able to crank up those graphics settings and bring your favourite games to life.

7. Deck your gaming area out with neon lights

Bukit Purmei by Zenith Arc
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View this project by Zenith Arc

Neon lights are common accessories in a gaming room, but if you want to make your gaming room stand out from the crowd, take a leaf out of this room in Bukit Purmei.

With only blue LED lights built into the bookshelf, the cool ambience makes the room more sophisticated than your typical gaming room. Bonus points for the Marvel memorabilia and the signed musical posters, it really tells you a lot about the owner’s personality!

8. Designate a family gaming room for multiplayer game sessions

Woodlands Street 83 by U-Home Interior Design
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View this project by U-Home Interior Design

Got an entire household of gamers? You need your own “computer lab” like this one. It’s especially handy for those who love their FPS or multiplayer games – rather than speaking through the mic (and risk enduring shoddy audio quality), you can simply talk to one another IRL for maximum efficiency.

Setting up a gaming area for yourself is just one click away!

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