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7 Deadly Sins That Will 'Kill' Your Renovation

What’s your poison?

Whether it’s pure laziness or sheer envy, we are all guilty of indulging in a Sin or two. But leave those bad habits unchecked, and they don’t just affect your wellbeing - but even your renovation!

Avoid throwing yourself into the pits of renovating hell - are you unknowingly committing these 7 deadly mistakes when doing up a home?

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Interior Designer: Posh Home

1. Pride: Not Listening To Well-Meaning Advice

There’s house pride, and then there’s annoying, overblown ego. Don’t let your arrogance be the death of your home. Always be open to hearing suggestions or feedback from your interior designer, especially if an idea you have isn’t going to work out.

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Interior Designer: Posh Home

Fun fact: The homeowner of this project initially wanted a McDonald-style waste bin built into her kitchen! Her designer persuaded her otherwise (for fear of bug infestations).

You might have really wanted a mini-loft or open-concept bathroom in your HDB flat; but your designer knows what’s practical. Don’t fight it - listen to their explanations and decide if it makes sense - it will save you unnecessary tension and wasted time.

Do: Be open to well-meaning suggestions and listen to advice/feedback.

Don't: Shut people off, just because they are not telling you what you want to hear.

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Interior Designer: Neu Conceptz

2. Greed: Wanting Everything New And Cool - Just Because.

Singaporeans can be suckers for the overhyped and over-marketed (case in point: ARTBOX). So, it’s no surprise that many local homeowners are guilty of spending unnecessary money on hyped-up items that they don’t need, just to feel 'in the know' or 'in style'.

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Interior Designer: DL Abode Design Solutions

Sure, who doesn’t want a home decked with the latest gadgets or designer pieces? But the question always remains - do you really need it? Keep your wallet in check, and always create a distinction between what are your must-haves and what are the splurges.

Do: Create a list of must-have items that you need to make your space prettier or functional.

Don’t: Get caught up with the hype and want everything even if it doesn’t help your space.

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Interior Designer: The Local INN.terior

3. Sloth: Procrastinating On Your Research

We get you - renovation can be a ton of work. All that planning, budgeting, random details you’ve never thought about can be too much. Isn’t it easier to leave it to the professionals? When you’re putting so much hard-earned money into it, take this advice - Don’t. Be. Lazy.

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Rome wasn't built in a day, and so did this relatively 'simple' home, which still took 6 weeks.

Interior Designer: erstudio

Yes, we do advocate putting faith in your designers, but a successful renovation takes effort on your part. Plan early, know what you’re paying for, what are some standards or differences between materials, furniture or treatments. When you know your stuff, you leave no room for miscommunication - and potential scams. Not sure where to start? Check out our Renovation Timeline Guide here.

Do: Your research on standards for renovation works, materials. Also, stay proactive and keep in constant communication with your ID.

Don’t: Think you can leave it to the experts. It’s your home ultimately, not theirs.

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Interior Designer: The Interior Lab

4. Gluttony: Hoarding Ideas or Items With No Objective

Maximalism may be in, but there’s a limit to how much your home and budget can squeeze (without looking like a junk yard). If you’re guilty of hoarding countless ideas on Pinterest or collecting ID quotes and contacts - that makes you a reno-glutton.

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Mismatched artwork, pops of colour and Japanese-style lamps blend seamlessly with a healthy balance of white space.

Interior Design: Project File

You can't exhaust all possibilities; it just takes too much time and information to process. As they say - work (and eat) in moderation! You can have a little bit of everything - oriental lanterns, Lucite chairs, the works - but keep it to no more than 3 or 4 themes in one room/space. Like wise, set a limit to how many IDs to meet (we recommend around 3 - 5).

Do: Incorporate variety in your home decor, but in moderation - 3 to 4 themes per space.

Don’t: Keep seeking or acquiring more items or ideas without having a clear direction.

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You're not the only one; we wish we slept in this jaw-dropping master bedroom too.

Architect: Aamer Architects

5. Envy: Comparing Your Home Against Others

Renovating is not a competition to see whose house is the best, cheapest or most awesome home in Singapore. Just as different people have different traits, each home has their quirks and limitations. Let’s not forget your budget, household profile and personal preferences thrown into the mix!

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Interior Designer: The Monocot Studio

Being envious (and unhappy with your own space) won't change things. Rather than wallowing in disappointment over your less-than-fantastic home, why not take these comparisons as a chance to collate constructive feedback? What can you improve to make your home as good as theirs?

Do: Focus on improving, instead of complaining when you make comparisons.

Don’t: Be so hard on yourself - every renovation is different, be it budget, homeowner or layout.

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Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

6. Lust: Being Attracted To Too-Good-To-Be-True Deals

If only creating your dream home is as simple (and fuss-free) as finding a date on Tinder. Sorry, swipe right on attractive deals or fabulous, too-good-to-be-true packages in the heat of the moment, and you might suffer more than just a broken heart.

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Interior Designer: Lux Design

A kitchen renovation package may sound like a worthwhile deal, but do check what countertops, fittings or features are included in it.

Sweet promises (and misleading advertising) may tempt you to jump right into renovating, but it doesn’t count until it’s on paper. Snap out of it - stay objective and always get your bases covered with proof. Meanwhile, check out our Renovation Packages Guide to give you a smart head start!

Do: Back up promotions or claims with proof before signing with an ID.

Don’t: Be lured by blindingly attractive deals.

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Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

7. Anger: Letting Emotions Run Wild

Yes, we know your renovation is your baby. You’ve put so much time, effort and money into it, you can’t afford to make mistakes now! But newsflash - things don’t always go to plan, and sometimes, hiccups along the way might cause delays and (gasp!) added costs.

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Show your fiery personality on your feature wall instead of other people, like this molten-lava inspired TV console.

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

Now, we know it can be frustrating, and woe if it befalls you! Feel an urge to hit something (or just ruin someone else’s day)? Don’t. After all, you’re building a home together, not apart! And that includes your spouse, family, interior designer or contractor. Blowing up at someone can let off some steam, but it doesn’t solve the issue. And neither will having a sour relationship get you anywhere.

Do: Stay calm and classy. Damage’s been done - focus on finding a solution and learning to accept it.

Don’t: Go rampaging around others, pushing the blame or being nasty just to get some release.

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Interior Designer: Designe Couture

Be a smarter (and nicer) renovator.

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