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7 Eye-Catching Design Ideas That Make Your Home Pop!

September 26, 2019

Standout interior ideas that will make your abode stand out from the rest.

While there’s nothing wrong with an accent wall, it’s not exactly what you would call a novel feature any longer. So, what can you do if you refuse to hop onto the (tired) bandwagon?

The Geranium by Aiden-T

Interior Firm: Aiden-T

Think out of the box and challenge the trends, of course. From playing with mixed textures to having lights in the floor (yup, that’s right!), here are some interesting design ideas to try in your new home or for your next renovation project. Have fun and Pinterest away!

1. Consider installing lights... in your walkways

Something we don’t see very often – in-floor lighting. It creates a focal point with some dramatic brilliance and is a great way to turn an otherwise ordinary room into something captivating. Use it to illuminate areas in the house you want to showcase or turn your walkways into a runway.

Keat Hong Close by Renologist
Keat Hong Close by Renologist

Interior Firm: Renologist

2. Pair European tiles with wooden panels

If you’re lucky to have a spacious balcony in your home, make full use of it and dress it up! Be creative – try combining wood and tiles to break up the monotony. This unconventional pairing is bound to draw attention the next time you have guests over!



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3. Complement the rough textures with sleek finishes

You don’t have to go down the usual design route for your kitchen. Mix things up with different materials and textures to accentuate your kitchen. You can go for a brick-like backsplash and a chevron tiled flooring to play with different patterns and styles.

Buangkok Crescent by New Chapter
Buangkok Crescent by New Chapter

Interior Firm: New Chapter

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4. Go graphic then pare that down with subtle wood

What we love about this home? Its unique play on both wood and graphic tiled flooring. Which goes to show that you don’t have to just pick one or the other. Go with two of your favourites and the result is something you’ll love (and want to show off to your friends).

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by Adroit ID
Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by Adroit ID

Interior Firm: Adroit ID

5. Think marble-like accents with mini Peranakan tiles

Another mixed texture idea that is amazing! Combine old-fashioned (in this case, mini) Peranakan tiles with modern marble-like tiles to get that old-meets-new charm. It’s easy to do and the effect is stunning.

Sunrise Avenue by Starry Homestead
Sunrise Avenue by Starry Homestead

Interior Firm: Starry Homestead

6. Get creative by mixing and matching textures!

Why stick to just one style when you can mix and match for an unconventional approach? Be adventurous like this homeowner. Go for an extended wooden ceiling (complete with beams) for a chill resort vibe, terrazzo and wood in the kitchen for a classy look then mix pattern tiles in the bathroom to create texture.

The Geranium by Aiden-T
The Geranium by Aiden-T

Interior Firm: Aiden-T

7. Go for more than one feature wall (and update your flooring too)

And… should you insist on having a feature wall, don’t just settle for one. Deck out your entire home in accent walls! Play around with textures – from brick wall to wood panels, look for ways to elevate the look and feel. While you’re at it, give your flooring the same accent treatment like using a chevron pattern to contrast. Trust us, it will definitely give you the visual impact you’re looking for.

Heritage View by Mr Shopper Studio
Heritage View by Mr Shopper Studio

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

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