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8 Genius Home Essentials to Make Your Life More Convenient

Not quite JARVIS-level yet, but clever just the same.

Ever since Iron Man (and maybe even before that), everyone’s been dreaming of having their own A.I. system – honestly, who doesn’t want an automated multi-functional software program designed to make life easier?

While we might be a little ways off in developing such technology, there are a few smart home essentials in the market you can grab now to ease household management woes!

1. The intelligent bin

One of the perks of owning a lidless bin is the speed at which you can throw away trash. However, it comes at the expense of hygiene (can you imagine the amount of creepy crawlies rummaging through your rubbish in the night?).

And if you think that the manual ones are any better, you’d be wrong. The lids themselves can accumulate dirt and bacteria. If you dislike the sound of that, you may want to look into investing in sensor bins.

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Source: EKO

Most bins from EKO feature a slim and sleek (for tight spaces) body that has been reinforced with moisture-resistant materials to make it stand up to humidity. Best of all, the bins offer totally hands-free operation (but there is an option for manual, one-touch opening in the event that the mechanism breaks)!

2. A doorbell that’s more clever

The peephole may work just fine, but with Ring’s video doorbell you no longer have to get up to check who’s at the door!

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Source: Lazada

Simply hook it up to your Wi-Fi and then use the Ring app to get alerts whenever someone approaches your door. Aside from the HD video stream, you can speak to them using two-way audio communication – in the CEO’s words, it’s like “caller ID for the front door”.

3. Smart self-watering pots or…

Love plants but can’t seem to remember to water them? Fret not, this planter will help your living greens thrive, even if you can’t water them regularly.

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Source: IKEA

Just pour water into the self-watering insert (i.e. the orange tube sticking out), and go on your merry way! But if you want something provides you with more data, you might want to check out the below.

4. Planters with feelings!

What if your plant could communicate their feelings to you? Designed to turn your plant into a pet, this smart planter triggers 15 different animated emotions which you can see on a small display.

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Source: Lua

It measures soil’s moisture, light exposure and temperature to tell you if your plant’s getting enough of everything to stay alive… and if it’s not, well you’ll see a change in emotions! Best of all, it’s suitable for all plant types – just choose your plant’s family, set your parameters then receive real time updates on its needs.

5. A home sensor system for the elderly

Getting help for the elderly takes a fair bit of time even when there’s an emergency. Fortunately, with technology advancements, there are now efficient sensor systems like Silverline that alert caregivers immediately.

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Source: Silverline

Once Silverline’s hub and sensors are connected to your Wi-Fi and secured, it will start to track your daily activities. While it might sound creepy, the stored data can come in handy – when there’s no movement detected for an abnormal amount of time, the system sends out a prompt alert to family members!

6. An intuitive shoe cabinet

Rambunctious kids will always find a way to muddy up their shoes and that makes for a very dirty shoe cabinet that requires constant maintenance... that you simply don't have the time for.

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Source: Lazada

Luckily for you, this shoe cabinet by Rootsense comes fully equipped with a built-in active deodoriser (that absorbs unpleasant odours) and even offers dual sterilisation, disinfection and temperature control to limit the growth of all things nasty at the touch of a(n app) button!

7. A mobile (and instant) printer

Printers aren’t the most mobile devices – and really, there’s not much you can do aside from the regular. However, PrinCube aims to change that. This printer not only fits in the palm of your hand, it can print on most surfaces (who said you have to limit yourself to paper)?

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Source: PrinCube

Now, you don’t have to buy decals off sites, simply create your own and upload your design via phone to print on any surface of your choice!

8. An automatic fridge deodoriser

It's advisable to clean out your fridge every three to four months but wait, before you whip out your trusty baking soda, we have a hidden gem you might want to put to the test.

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Source: Lazada

With this fridge deodoriser, you can eliminate all the bad smells within a few hours and keep your produce fresh for up to three times longer — say bye to manual labour and hi to free time!

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