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Affordable Furniture Stores In SG You Haven't Heard Of (Yet)

Save from the usual suspects IKEA and Taobao, shopping for affordable and stylish furniture in Singapore can feel like an endless struggle.

Well, all you need is a little push in the right direction! From online to brick-and-mortar (or both), these cool, under-the-radar shops will be your new go-tos, serving up an array of stylish furnishings that (yay!) won’t break the bank. After all, nobody said you had to be rich for your home to look like a million bucks.

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For the mid-century modern look: Born In Colour

Shop Now: Online | Offline at Apex @ Henderson and Yishun Industrial Park (See on Maps)

Born In Colour is the one-stop shop for quality furniture at affordable prices from South Korea.Their exclusive signature collections including BISTRO Rattan, FIKA Swedish, NEW RETRO and HEIM Forrest that can fit in various home decor styles.

From sofa, dining tables, chairs and beds to mattresses; you are guaranteed to find a piece you love AND enjoy savings on these designer furniture pieces.

Our Picks:

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1. Heim Forrest Walnut TV Console - S$999 | 2. Mujis Japandi Dining Set Table - S$599 | 3. Retro Double Cabinet Side Table - S$249 | 4. Fika Swedish Storage Bench - S$399 | 5. Guri Oak Scandinavian Ladder Bookshelf- S$449

For Dark and Sleek Nordic Designs: Grey & Sanders

Shop Now: Online | Offline at 315 Outram Road Tan Boon Liat Lifestyle Building #06-02 Singapore 1690747 (See on Maps)

Expect an emphasis on darker finishes and hues at Grey and Sanders. Specialising in various solid wood (live edge, walnut, pecan) furniture, the label aims to bring quality, timbered pieces at an accessible price point. With clean, classic lines reminiscent of mid-modern century designs, we love that the brand’s website has a cool 360-degree function for users to check out every piece at any angle.

Our Picks:

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1. Austion Loveseat - S$999 | 2. Sawyer South American Walnut Bench - S$799 | 3. Solid Wishbone Dining Chair - S$299 | 4. Live Edge Black Walnut Slab - S$2,700 | 5. Craig Stone Coffee Table - S$499

For Scandinavian Basics: PRIMERO

Shop Now: Online | Lazada

Featuring the hallmarks of Scandinavian design (clean, simple lines with an equal dose of wood), PRIMERO offers an entire range of designer-inspired furnishings at a surprisingly affordable price. From dining tables, chairs to bed frames and sofas, homeowners can also get to enjoy a peace of mind from their purchase, thanks to PRIMERO’s generous 30-day returns and 1 year warranty.

Our Picks:

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1. Nicolle Sofa (3-Seater) - S$499 | 2. Anderson Bed (Dove Grey) - From S$535 | 3. Oka Dining Table - S$599 | 4. Azalea Lounge Chair - S$199

For Jungalow-Style Furnishings: Elements Concept

Shop Now: Online | Offline @ 420 Joo Chiat Road (See on Maps)

Get that laid-back, Jungalow vibe at home without making a soul trip to Bali! Hailing from Indonesia, Elements Concept’s range of teak and rattan furniture is a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor spaces. Each piece is handcrafted by local artisans in the brand’s workshop (or from home), and feature rustic designs in elegant, rounded shapes. The best part? These stylish fittings (which have been featured on the likes of Vogue) don’t cost and arm or a leg. Prices start from $125 for a stool, and $104 for a side table.

Our Picks:

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1. Spoke Chair - S$350 | 2. Amazon Tray Table (Natural) - S$110 | 3. Butler Trolley - S$490 | 4. Kubu Spoke Basket - From S$50 | 5. Tara Chair - S$250

For Modern-Contemporary Essentials (With An Industrial Slant): Prestige Affairs

Shop Now: Online | Offline @ 2 Alexandra Road, Delta House #05-03 (See on Maps)

Love the gritty industrial look, but hate looking like you live in a junkyard or abandoned factory? Fret not; balancing the right mix of rustic edginess and polished, modern lines, Prestige Affairs brings an array of on-trend furnishings – without the designer price tag. Working directly with manufacturers, the label prides itself in providing significant savings on quality, furniture made a variety of materials, including solid acacia and pine wood.

Our Picks:

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1. Austin Herringbone Bedside Table - S$379 | 2. Roxanne TV Console - S$899 | 3. Brooklyn L-Shaped Sofa - S$1,299 | 4. Scarlett Ottoman (Pebble Grey) - S$199 | 5. Austin Herringbone Dining Set - POA

For Pretty, Scandi/Mod Pieces (For Adults and Kids): 3LittlePicks

Shop Now: Online | Offline @ PickersNook 39a Jalan Pemimpin #07-07B (See on Maps)

The only time you can get away with cutesy stuff (that your other half probably won’t approve)? When you’re decorating your baby/kid’s bedroom! And, we think this online store might just be the bane of your decorating fantasies – stocked with gorgeous,
insta-worthy children’s furniture, accents and toys, 3LittlePicks also offers a selection of trendy, adult-sized chairs, tables and knick knacks too - so you can also secretly squeeze in some of that ‘cute’ into your space.

Our Picks:

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1. Bloomingville Grey and White Wall Hanging - S$52.80 | 2. Born On Monday Classic Cloud Blanket - S$73.80 | 3. Spinkie Light Pink Dreamy Canopy - S$228.80 | 4. Bloomingville Place Side Table - S$152.80 | 5. Bloomingville Viola Side Table - S$268.80

For Stylist-Approved Rugs and Home Accessories: HOMES by Affordable Style Files

Shop Now: Online

Helmed by Singapore-based Australian stylist Hong Henwood, HOMES by Affordable Style Files is a collection of soft furnishings and accessories sourced from a curated roster of Aussie labels. That aside, the main highlight though is actually the store’s range of Pinterest-worthy cushions and in-house rugs, which (surprise, surprise!) start from a price of $99. Now, there’s another place to get your carpeted fix on the low – without hitting IKEA.

Our Picks:

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1. Musk Smarties (Indian Rose) - S$79 | 2. Herringbone Sky Blue Rug - S$275 | 3. Pop and Scott Modernist Pot (Wexler) - From S$190 | 4. Tangier Yellow and White Rug - $159

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For Homely, Vintage-Industrial Finds: Knots Home & Living

Shop Now: Online | Offline @ #01-07 160 Paya Lebar Road (See on Maps)

A café-cum-furniture store concept, warm, woody and cosy is what defines Knots Home and Living’s retail space – which serves up a well-curated mix of vintage/industrial décor items (alongside delicious waffles and ice cream!). With a focus on edgy, timbered pieces made from sustainable materials, don’t forget to check out the store’s range of antique curios that’ll set a lil’ eclectic charm to any space! Don’t fancy a café hopping trip yet? There’s always their online store to trawl (and shop from).

Our Picks:

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1. Greta Lounge Chair - S$754.95 | 2. Getty Coffee Table - S$504 | 3. Deconstructed Camera Frame - S$468.77 | 4. Ari Bookcase with Flip Desk - S$697.20

For Bright, Eclectic Standouts: Homlab

Shop Now: Online | Offline @ Unit 04-16, 18 New Industrial Road (See on Maps)

Apple green, cherry red – how about a dash of glitzy gold and precious pinks? Bold (but never brash), the pickings from online store Homlab might tempt even the most serious minimalists to go all out with colour, shape and pattern. Think mesh-wire stools, bamboo-framed glass tables and even gorgeous bone-inlaid nightstands – all at a surprisingly affordable price.

Our Picks:

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1. Koi Chair (Purple) - S$230 | 2. Jute Pouf (Silver) - S$68 | 3. Arborra Green End Table - S$580 | 4. Owl Lamp - S$96 | 5. Nude Block Stool - S$269

For Posh, Luxe-Looking Furniture: Finn Avenue

Shop Now: Online | Offline #04-18, Lift Lobby 3, Apex@Henderson
201 Henderson Road (See on Maps)

Talk about luxury for less – if you envision your home looking like an upscale Parisian apartment, Finn Avenue might just be the shop after your heart. The online store offers a wide but concentrated mix of classic designs with a dash of glitzy, upscale flair – minus the premium price tag. Plush, velvet chesterfield sofas, mirrored end tables and glossy lucite consoles are some of the things you can expect at its e-shop and physical showroom.

Our Picks:

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1. Thea Mother of Pearl Mirror - S$450 | 2. Peony Fretwork Blue-White Decorator Ceramic Garden Stool - S$151.20 | 3. Fayette Chesterfield 3-Seater Sofa - S$1,190 | 4. Christelle Apothecary Turquoise Glass Table Lamp - S$ 197.10 | 5. Pruie C-Shaped Gold Metal Glass Accent Side Table - S$129

For Contemporary Pieces: Comfort Furniture

Shop Now: Online | Offline 110 Eunos Ave 7, Comfort Design Building, Singapore 409573, Showroom at Levels 1, M & 2 (See on Maps)

Shop for wallet-friendly picks and more at Comfort Furniture, where building the home of your dreams won’t have to break the bank! Featuring over a thousand home furnishing products, Comfort Furniture offers a wide range of stylish, on-trend pieces to suit any interior theme and budget.

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Disclaimer: All prices stated are accurate as of 12 January 2018.

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