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These Tiny Design Details Actually Make a Huge Difference

While style and budget tend to be the biggest concerns of a home renovation, homeowners should also pay equal attention to the smaller details that contribute to the home’s comfort. From subtle design details that will affect the interior’s overall look, to functional technicalities that can greatly improve usability, be sure to devote some time looking into these specifics to ensure that your dream home looks and feels exactly as you intended.


First impression counts – and it’s through these meticulous design details that defines the design of your home.

Direction of Wood Grains

There’s more to the aesthetic value of solid wood than its hue, as its grain pattern can also play a subtle role in achieving different looks. Straight grain gives off a calming, minimalist appeal, while diagonal, spiral, or any irregular grain directions are more arresting and therefore evoke a more contemporary feel.

Clementi Avenue 1 by Urban Home Design 二本設計家
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Pasir Ris Street 51 by Fifth Avenue Interior
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Joints of Carpentry / ABS trimming

When choosing laminates, be aware that not all of them come with ABS trimming. So be sure to check with your interior designer or contractor on this. While these edgings may come at an additional cost, it's best to include them for high usage components such as doors and cabinets to prevent the laminate from peeling prematurely.

The Poiz Residences by Versaform
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Door Handles / Knobs and closing system

Thinking of recessed or flushed door handle designs for sleek looking cabinets? It’s a great aesthetic choice, but do put the handles to proper testing to ensure that the grip is comfortable.

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by KDOT
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View this project by KDOT

Another cabinet feature that’s worth considering is soft-close hinges, which can dramatically improve your user experience in frequently used spaces such as the kitchen. It’s simply so much more pleasant handling doors and drawers that close smoothly and quietly no matter how hard you slam them shut!

Potong Pasir Avenue 3 by Hashtag Interior
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Wardrobe Organisation

Customise your wardrobe space to make the most of it. Plan how much space you need to devote to each section in order to get the right dimensions to cater to your clothes. For instance, if you have plenty of long dresses, allocate more full-height hanging space for it.

Choa Chu Kang Street 52 by Carpenters 匠
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Incorporating space-efficient wardrobe accessories such as pull-out trays, dividers, and valet hangers can also help you stay organised.

Martin Place Residences by Mr Shopper Studio
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And if your wardrobe is in a darker corner of the room, consider having lights built into the cabinets so you wouldn’t need to turn on the room’s lights just to illuminate the cabinet interiors.

Hougang Avenue 8 by Toke & Chen
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Lighting (cove and under cabinet)

Lighting design has the ability to soften, enhance, and change the entire feel and functionality of a space at night. Under cabinet lighting ensures that shadows cast from overhead task lights don’t hinder your vision, while cove lighting elegantly softens the hard lines of cabinets, creating a welcoming and calming atmosphere as a result.

Bukit Purmei by Zenith Arc
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Dover Crescent by i-Chapter
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Cable Management

Check with your interior designer on what are some ingenious ways to conceal unsightly cables and power points located around the home - wiring of entertainment sets, desktops, and kitchen appliances. Discuss how you’d like to configure your home, and think about the number of power sockets you need, as well as the best locations to place them. Be sure to think this through this thoroughly, as getting an electrician to rewire your home after the renovation is completed involves additional cost and hassle.

Punggol Field by Charlotte's Carpentry
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Placement of WiFi Router

Unless you live in a completely open studio apartment, chances are that you’re losing some WiFi signals to the thick concrete walls around the home. One way you can get the best connection anywhere in the home is to place the router as close to the centre of the home as possible, without any obstructions around it. And while the router is rather unsightly, refrain from hiding it behind carpentry as it’ll slow down your WiFi connection.

Lorong Ah Soo by Inizio Atelier
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