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What Interior Features Are Singaporeans Willing to Spend On?

June 9, 2020

The short answer: Mostly efficient, practical ones. For the long one, read on!

When it comes to renovation, plenty of factors have to be considered in order to achieve the perfect home – and interior features are often a big part of the equation. Whether it’s a custom-made bed frame or an open concept living space, there’s plenty to think about before deciding on what features to include in your new house.

interior features singapore homeowners want

So, to find out what’s popular amongst Singapore homeowners, we asked our followers on Instagram to share the interior features that they’re most willing to spend on – and here are some of their favourites (in no order)!

1. Kitchen fittings

interior features singapore homeowners want

Apart from cooking appliances, such as hobs, hoods and ovens, what makes a kitchen a useful one is its storage built-ins as well as the mechanisms that are installed within them.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that Singapore homeowners are willing to spend on quality cabinetry systems from brands like Blum, Hafele and Boxx Euro to enhance their kitchen experience.

Tampines North Drive 1 by ARK-hitecture

Interior Firm: ARK-hitecture

Some related features/items that you may wish to look out for include soft-closing hinges (no more accidental slamming), assisted lift systems (for quick-and-easy access to your condiment bottles/cutlery) and internal storage baskets (better organisation).

2. Bathroom finishes

interior features singapore homeowners want

Surfaces finishes like tiles and cabinet laminates can have a huge impact on how your bathroom looks and feels, but more importantly, they’ll also determine how easy it is to clean. For a low-maintenance bathroom, consider options like engineered quartz or porcelain tiles that are capable of resisting stains and moisture.

Lengkok Tiga by BLACK N WHITE HAUS


Other than function, you’ll also want to think about cost as well as style when picking materials because they’re important considerations for building an ideal bathroom that matches your budget and the design(s) that you’ve in mind.

3. Bedroom storage

interior features singapore homeowners want

Yes, we agree that bedrooms should be personal sanctuaries and that efficient storage is the key to a comfy space where you can get a good night’s rest, worry-free. But what storage solutions should you get? Answer: It mostly depends on your bedroom’s size and layout.

Commonwealth Drive by The Local INN.terior 新家室

In the case of smaller bedrooms, concealed options like platform/storage beds or under-bed drawers will work well because they don’t take up too much extra space, plus they prevent your belongings from cluttering up the surroundings.

On the other hand, if you’d like an open-concept bedroom or have a more spacious boudoir, a generous walk-in wardrobe is probably going to be your best option.

4. Bay window

interior features singapore homeowners want

In the context of local HDB flats and condominium apartments, bay windows are seen by some homeowners to be more of a renovation obstacle rather than a feature – and that’s because they take up precious space yet can’t be hacked away as they’re actually part of the room structure.

D'Leedon by Dan's Workshop

Interior Firm: Dan's Workshop

So, if you’ve got a bay window in your home, make the most of it! Or if you don’t, a good reason to consider having one is that it can be a sunny hangout spot – not just for yourself, but also your pets and plants.

5. Kitchen island

interior features singapore homeowners want

Due to their size, it’s hard to have a prep island in most BTO flat kitchens, unless you’ve chosen an open-concept layout – and even so, that’s not always going to be an option depending on your household shelter’s location. It’s no wonder then that kitchen islands are much-wanted features among local homeowners who’re cooking enthusiasts.

Pipit Road by Project Guru

Interior Firm: Project Guru

That said, if your home’s floor plan doesn’t permit for a full-sized island, fret not, because there are many ways to emulate the experience of having one, like getting a movable island or a retractable prep surface!

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