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Lorong Limau

Apartment | 3 rooms | 75m²

S$ 50,000

New / Resale

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Renovation Duration
8 weeks

Design Fees
S$ 2,000

20 Reviews

Penny Chia, Bukit Batok

I got to know Chapter One Interior Design through Qanvast's recommendations of five IDs. 4 of the 5 IDs responded to us and we met all of them. We narrowed to Chapter One and another ID firm and had a hard time choosing as we love both designers. However, Jonathan from Chapter One stood out for his creative design and his willingness to challenge the initial concept. He makes use of the constraints in the house (we have many wasted bay windows) and turns them into functional spaces. No renovation journey is perfect and although we reiterated the tight timeline we had, there were still some minor hiccups. However, Jonathan was able to present alternatives and made the situation less painful. He never fails to keep us updated with the progress throughout the journey, such as texting us the photos. Jonathan's creative design attracted us. And he's quite easy going, even to the extent of helping us with the some of the minor works. Renovation completed in : Aug 2017 Cost of Renovation $45,000

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Completion: October 2017

Wei Leong, Anchorvale Crescent

Chapter One was one of the IDs recommended to us by Qanvast. We met with quite a number of IDs but we decide to engage Chapter One for the responsiveness and friendliness of the ID and also, the price quoted was pretty competitive. As we had ideas of our own, Nizam gave us some good suggestion on how to amend our ideas and make our design into a better one. He followed up with our project diligently. Never did we regret our choice engaging them. We would definitely recommend them to our friends. For further improvement, it will be good if they could lower their pricing as they lower it is, the better. Renovation completed in: July 2017 Cost of renovation : $36,000

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Completion: August 2017

Ezzati, Canberra Street

Chapter One Interior Design was one of the IDs recommended by Qanvast. Out of the few IDs, we felt most comfortable working with Jonathan. Hence we decide to engage him as our ID as we felt that it is important to have a good communication with the ID. The renovation process went well and the result turns out just the way we wanted, even the things we don't expect, all thanks to Jonathan's suggestions and recommendations. The workmanship was good and they delivered the project on time. Renovation completed in: May 2017 Cost of renovation: $38,000

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Completion: May 2017

Loy Thomas, Telok Blangah

I got to know them through Qanvast. One of the good things is that they could work with my budget of $23,000. During the renovation journey, everything is perfect! One of the hiccups that we had was our shoe cabinet has some design flaw, the wooden panel was not function but we managed to resolve the issue. The impressive part about Chapter One - we are not there very often, our ID will update us regularly through pictures and updates. Everything is perfect and we have recommended some of my friends to them. Completed in: October 2015 Cost of Renovation: $23,000

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Completion: May 2017

SY, Anchorvale Road

Chapter One was among the five recommendations from Qanvast. I spoke to 4 of them and eventually picked them. Chapter one stood out among the rest of the IDs in terms of presentation and ideas which closely match to what I envisioned. It was an great experience with fun people. The team made my renovation journey fun and exciting! One of the most impressive thing about them its's their ABCD- Above and beyond call of duty. Perfect renovation is impossible! My hiccups/problems are solved promptly and efficiently. I would say that they have a lot of potential. Better marketing will do them good! Renovation completed in: December 2015 Cost of renovation: $50,000

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Completion: February 2017