Service Yard

Why neglect your home's service yard? Here’s how you can make the most of this under-utilised space with these real life examples!

Despite its all-round usefulness as a general utility area and laundry room, the service yard is often overlooked by homeowners when home renovations are concerned. Get more out of this under-utilised space with a few quick updates that are easy to accomplish!

First, think about how you can make it a more functional space for yourself; you may want to consider adding more storage pockets and the like to keep things clutter free. Next, treat your service yard as an extension of your kitchen - build in an additional countertop to create both a nook for your washing machine and more workspace!

Then again, not all of us will be blessed with a generous service yard. Work around poor ventilation and/or tight spaces by outfitting your yard with an indoor clothes drying system or investing in a stackable washer-dryer unit.

Up your service yard game with these nifty ideas, complete with a shopping guide for washing machines:

  1. From simple cabinetry updates to the more complex layout tweaks, this is everything you need to know to get more out of your service yard.
  2. What’s the difference between front and top loaders? Which will work best in your space? Here’s a complete breakdown to help you find the right washing machine for your home.