Eclectic Interior Design

A mixture of styles, influences and inspirations but ultimately tied together in a cohesive whole so as not to descend into messy, cluttered chaos. Eclecticism is one of the hardest styles to master because like painting a masterpiece or composing a song, every object has a particular role to play in the overall harmony and balance of the space. Threading between contrast and chaos, it takes a keen eye to strike that balance.

This aesthetic is about experimenting and you can rest assured that your space is a one-of-a-kind original bursting with personality.

You’ll love it if…

You have a bold personality and unique sense of identity that is informed by many inspirations – from the books you read and the films you watch. You have a knack in mixing and matching things effortlessly you are certainly not afraid of experimenting and being playful with colour and will often try unexpected combinations for fresh results.

How To Work It…

Let’s be honest - it takes skill (and a good eye for design) to pull off an eclectic look - it’s equal parts a mish-mash of all sorts of interior styles, and personal taste. While it may look chaotic and borderline messy at times, the eclectic theme places emphasis on balance and moderation. Not having too many of the same patterns, colours, items in one space. However, one common sight in many eclectic homes is the use of an anchor piece (like a sculpture or hanging artwork) that sets the tone for the rest of the space.