Garden Interior Design

Have a green patch of heaven to call your own? When nicely done up and maintained, a gorgeous garden isn’t just a practical place to chill out and have fun. They can double as a centrepiece for your home, framing your space with a touch of natural, lush greenery.

However, while Singapore may be known as a ‘Garden’ City, landscaping your private oasis takes more than just letting wild blooms grow. Here are some things you should consider and look out for when designing a garden:

  • What’s the available land area of your proposed garden? This will help you boil down the things you can (and cannot) have. For instance, if you have a land area the size of a typical balcony, you might need to rethink that koi pond and go for a smaller water feature instead.
  • What’s the interior style of your home? Plotting a garden in a complementary or similar style to your interiors can help provide a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. So, if your interior style is more minimalist, a zen garden featuring simple lines and minimal greens might be more suited.
  • Know your directions. The location of your garden will affect how well your plants grow in them. Find out where the direction of the sun, shadow and wind will be coming from to help you figure out the best place to plant your flowers, trees or vegetables.
  • Plant from big to small. Like filling up the gaps of a painting, decide on the base of your garden, consisting of trees, large plants or shrubs first. After which, move on to smaller-scale plants, like flowers, herbs or small succulents, and finish off with ground covers, like short fences.

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