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Jin, Thomson Ridge

We were recommended a few IDs from Qanvast, and we went through the ID firms but found that Metamorph Design was the best. We like the work they have done on past projects and decided to arrange a meet up. They were very good, prompt in response and professional. We chose them as our ID as we felt comfortable and managed to work well together. Our ID listened to what we wanted. Although their style was more towards Industrial, we managed to collaborate on a specific design and our ID managed to translate it to make it ours. There was however some issues but we were glad that our ID rectified it quickly. Our renovation timeline exceeded but we were happy with the results in the end.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 300,000

Completion: December 2017

Pei Wen, Compassvale

We got to know our ID from Metamorph Design through the Qanvast platform. After going through with the recommended IDs, we found that his designs were the most outstandingly unique. Our ID Vince was responsive, patient with our requests and willing to answer any queries that needed any clarification. We were quite impressed with his professionalism who provided us solutions which were resolved in a peaceful and amicable way. Our flat layout is not conventional and we told Vince our concept ideas. We were happy that Vince was able to accomodate to our needs and he managed to execute the project smoothly.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 125,000

Completion: January 2018

Claudia, Lakeside

Metamorph was one of the recommended IDs from Qanvast and after meeting up with Vince, we found that he understood what we had envisioned for our home. We were impressed with his prompt response, and he was open with communicating with us on the ideas, concept etc. The design that Vince proposed with good, our colour concept and theme is minimalist. He achieved in matching the colours well which made our home look clean, dated and unique.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 60,000

Completion: September 2017

Pei Lin, Tanah Merah

I got to know my ID from Metamorph from Qanvast. I saw some of their projects on their profile and really liked one of the designs which was similar to what I really wanted for my home. During the renovation process, I felt that my ID showed patience, working alongside with him was a pleasant experience. The asthetic I wanted for my design was minimalist and clean cut. Nigel managed to execute the project smoothly despite some minor hiccup like the delivery timeline. Overall I was happy with the final results and with my renovated home.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 20,000

Completion: March 2017

Yang Yan, Sengkang

Metamorph was one of the recommended IDs from Qanvast. We approached a few of the IDs before meeting Metamorph but was impressed with their designs the most. Working alongside with them was good, our ID was attentive and knew what we wanted for our design. We felt that our design was unique and we were happy when the renovation was completed.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 45,000

Completion: January 2018

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