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Rick, Laguna Park

Metamorph’s designs piqued my interest and I like some of the design It was a positive experience working with Kavin (designer) and Andy (project manager). I like their designs from their portfolio and they managed to propose some good designs. There were two major areas I didn’t concur with their designs but they managed to rise to challenge and made good to my satisfaction. In terms of the workmanship, the plastering, masonry, carpentry and paint were good. The after-sales service was good too. Time is of an essence to me and we had ample time to work things together and for rectifications. They really walked us through the entire journey. What I feel can be improved is their team of sub-cons - it would be better if they have a stronger sense of ownership in undertaking this project. Renovation completed in: December 2016 Cost of renovation: $120,000

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Raymond, The Sail

Metamorph was proactive in handling towards my project. One of the main reasons I chose them was their excellent workmanship. I worked with Kavin and Addy and they are really on-the-ball. They were pretty forthcoming in what they could offer. If there were any issues, both will address it together. The renovation was not all smooth. While the carpentry was excellent, the tiling works could have been better. They had to redo thrice due to poor grout alignment and unevenness. I wouldn’t fault them for this but they should pick a better tiler moving forward. Nevertheless, I will still recommend them due to their enthusiasm and attitude. Renovation completed in: May 2016 Cost of renovation: $70,000

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Mr Wong

I got in touch with Metamorph after browsing their portfolio on Qanvast. Their designs were pretty nice, clean and modern - something that me and my wife envisioned. We worked with Kavin and Jiaxuan. They were accommodating and willing to find solutions based on our constraints and requirements. We worked with a tight timeline as we had to move in quickly and they managed to complete most of the major works on the scheduled date after some compromises. They were responsive in their communications and patiently walked with us through on what was needed in order to meet the timeline. The after-sales service was good too and they were quick in their rectifications. The workmanship is excellent too. Renovation completed in: August 2016 Cost of renovation: $100,000

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Kiet Mei, Adam Park

Out of all the IDs I’ve met, Metamorph is the only firm that gave 3D designs to help us visualise what they were planning to do; unlike the rest of the firms which require a deposit. We really like their designs and that put them ahead of others. The previous apartment has a bathtub and Jia Xuan, the designer, gave us a layout that really optimise the bathroom space. We wanted a more minimalist look and more space within the apartment and she managed to achieved that. When it comes to tile selection, she gave us an interesting combination and the results turned out to be better than expected. I liaised with Jia Xuan on the design and then Andy, the project manager took over. There was good coordination between all the parties and they gave timely updates. If one of them didn’t reply, someone will follow up promptly. One area of improvement would be the quality of carpentry workmanship. There were quite a few followups but they were quick to rectify it.

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Jun Hou, Jurong West

Nigel left an impression on me as he was the only designer who appeared to be resourceful and managed to turn our problems into solutions, unlike other designers who had to go back and think about it. Their quotes are competitive, not exactly the cheapest but I do see the value in working with them. There were some unforeseen issues that cropped up during the renovation and that caused a slight delay in the handover. While Nigel did his best to solve it as fast as he could, these were issues that couldn’t be solved in a day. Nigel is also accommodating as we had some sudden changes to the design and he would in his best effort let us know the alternatives and what we can get out of it, indicating the changes in black and white. His time management however can be improved as we were in a rush to move in but we couldn’t really fault him for that. Renovation completed in: Dec 2016 Cost of renovation: $86,000

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