Traditional Interior Design

Traditional style interiors often get a rep for being tacky and outdated but when done well, traditional homes are comforting, classic and luxurious. Everything is in place and of the same style. Detailed woodwork, sturdy, crafted and matching furniture are trademarks of the room that looks like it was put together meticulously.

You'll love it if...

You adore the sink-in comfort when you reach home. You opt for failproof colours such as neutrals, appreciate finer details like carved woodwork, heavier-fabric and sturdy furniture. In every corner, you would have an accent piece at home - be it a feature wall, a chandelier, or accent Oriental rugs. Besides, you find a certain allure about delving into the past, with the old-world charm of Traditional interiors bringing a touch of class.

How To Work It…

Get in touch with your cultural side. Depending on what ‘traditional’ you’d like to go for - Oriental, Balinese, Colonial, even - it’s all about bringing a touch of history. It could be traditional Chinese furniture, Ming vases, intricate carved wood screens or French mouldings. That doesn’t mean your space needs to turn into a veritable antique shop! Balance things out with timeless, modern elements - perhaps in the form of a leather sofa or cove lighting.