Transitional Interior Design

Transitional style is also commonly known as 'updated classic'. It is a blend of the classy and refined traditional style and simplistic contemporary style to create a uncomplicated design that epitomises harmony and elegance. Furniture used should focus on sophistication, comfort and practicality. Despite its often misleading term - a transitional style definitely doesn’t mean a work in progress - but rather, a transition between different time periods - the past and present.

You'll love it if...

You like your home to embrace all things old and new. Neutrals are your go-to palette in homes and fashion choices, and textures are a must-have. Matte and shiny versus coarse and finer materials, straight lines versus round shapes - the fuss-free look calls for minimal accessory styling because these elements tend to harmonise each other.

How To Work It…

Think of the transitional look as a pared-down, more minimalist version of traditional interiors. Love that classical, ornate European style? A transitional space would keep those elements from turning your home into a garish palace by featuring simple wall treatments, colours, and contemporary artworks. Likewise, if you like the retro look of Peranakan tiles and Oriental furniture but don’t want things to go full-on throwback mode, keep it refined and modern with furniture set in clean lines.