Vintage Interior Design

Vintage interior design is commonly misconstrued as retro, or old. However, it actually refers to a particular period in time - the glamorous 1940s. Extremely elegant, colours are soft with one or two bold colours for impact, and fabrics, luxurious. Vintage houses emit an old world vibe, but are never over-adorned. Think charming farmhouses or cottages set in the English countryside - with a hint of shabby chic.

You'll love it if...

You like comfort and predictability with a touch of 1940s Hollywood glam. Plush regal furniture with a classic twist are your thing, and you ensure that nothing is mismatched in your home. You can hang out all day at a vintage furniture shop, thinking of ways to update the pieces for your home. And, your dream home is to live up in a big, cosy countryside cottage with the rolling hills outside.

How To Work It…

It’s all about western glamour with vintage interiors. Classical features like mouldings, elegant chandeliers and even the odd faux fireplace are common in vintage homes. As for colour, interiors tend to range from neutrals to monochromes for that timeless look. Carpentry also plays a huge focus, and you can play off the vintage look with rich wood panellings, or rustic wooden kitchen cabinets. Lastly, add a touch of luxe to the space - it could be in the form of velvet sofas, wallpapers or opulent, fur rugs.