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AD. I. WRKS is a 360 creative architecture / interior design company, that believes that every client and business deserves not only design but good design. Our persistency in good design ensures that every project is unique and requires different approach in design. Armed with not only with the right knowledge, but also the right attitude, allow us to design and execute projects efficiently and effectively, creating a symbiotic relationship between us and our clients.

Our entity holds a creative design process that includes space planning and conceptualizing, design development, selection of finishes and soft furniture, décor and styling, and documentation. Our range of projects- from residential, multi residential, retails, and offices- are all uniquely designed and done up as each of project is specific. We are dedicated to advocating for the wants and needs of our clients, and open for new scope of works in the future.

AD. I. WRKS aims to achieve interior spaces with design that are not only of sophisticated form, but are refined in detail and concerned with bringing the qualities of the client personality and individual brand into the design and project.

8 Reviews

Drono & Roshmita, The Makena

Firstly and most importantly, Teck Soon was never pushy, and willing to sit with us for 2 - 3 sessions, before we engaged them, to listen to what we wanted. The positive vibes really helped, and they were very open when we wanted to make changes to the designs. Teck Soon even brought us to see a home that he had renovated, and this was before we decided to formally engage him - it gave us confidence in the quality of the work done. Widya and Teck Soon were very cooperative - as both of us were working, time was definitely a time constraint; we had to meet at 9, 10pm and end around 1am in the morning. Whenever they were any minor hiccups, they resolved it within the week. They even helped us to get accessories and other decor items - so post renovation services were very good as well. In general, they were very friendly and proactive and we would recommend their services to other homeowners. Renovation completed in: October 2016 Cost of renovation: $123,000

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Noel & Si Lin, Keat Hong Close

Teck Soon was the first out of nine IDs that we met. He gave us the best first impression, and was the only ID didn't require us to go down to his showroom, and could meet us at a place that was convenient. What stood out was that he actually got to know what our lifestyle and personalities was like before he proposed suitable designs to us. Subsequently in the other meetings, we found that he was very meticulous in taking note of our requirements, unlike the other IDs we met. They were able to propose design concepts for our home, and meet our requirements - no hacking of walls, walk in wardrobe in the bedroom, our closed kitchen, etc. Overall, we would definitely recommend them. Renovation completed in: October 2016 Cost of renovation: $51,000

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Nigel & Louise, Telok Blangah Heights

Teck Soon and Widya's whole approach towards the project and their emphasis on customer relations goes above and beyond the average customer service that I’ve come to expect in Singapore.For one, they are really easy to communicate with. By this, I don’t just mean the formal communications that take place over email or WhatsApp but the ability to just speak your mind when discussing things with them. They are also patient when explaining their designs as they recognise that as a homeowner, you might not have in-depth knowledge of renovation and design matters. We were also given a lot of updates in the Whatsapp group. They were also able to propose interesting and different ideas and solutions for our home, as well as quality materials, which made them stand out from the other interior designers we met. Widya was very meticulous when coming up with the design of the shelving and she asked me questions regarding how many statues I had, the measurements of these statues and also about the heights of my tallest books etc, and went through about four to five drafts in various designs and colours. Overall, it was fun and enjoyable working with them. Renovation completed in: August 2016 Cost of renovation: $60,000

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Meilian, Mount Sinai

My husband and I have previously engaged ID, Teck Soon for my previous home, we remembered him because his service was very good. Hence, when it was time to renovate my new place, we decided to engaged his services again. Teck Soon from Ad. I. Wrks is not only very service oriented, he is not afraid to ask questions, to find out what we want, then customise designs that are suited to us. My husband and I prefer the no-frills style, so Teck Soon was able to adhere to our preferences and not propose designs that are too fanciful to our liking. Most importantly, working with him has been very easy and comfortable as he does not take offence should we tell him we don't like certain things that were proposed. He made us an awesome looking book cabinet, which turned out to be a center piece in my living room. Many of our friends really admire it and even posted pictures of it on their social media. We have recommended many of our friends to reach out to Teck soon for their renovation. Overall the renovation has been pleasant, although coordination could have been better as we moved in not knowing the renovation was not fully completed. However, we understood that Teck Soon was likely overwhelmed with a lot of projects while trying to squeeze into our short timeline. Nonetheless he did try his best to clean up concurrently while finishing up the renovation works and got everything done up eventually. We still enjoy what he has done for us and he even came by to catch up after the renovation. He responded whenever there were problems after the renovation such as minor leakage, and he quickly got people to come by to help me with it. Renovation completed in: December 2015 Cost of renovation: $78,000

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Leonard, The Rainforest

AD. I. WRKS renovated our office previously and it was through a referral that I managed to get them to renovate my place. They were very assuring and could understand the styles I like and the ideas that I had. Workmanship was above average. They were easily contactable and as a whole, it has been a pleasant experience working with them throughout the renovation. Everything was smooth with no major hiccups.

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