Chapter One Interior Design

Chapter One Interior Design

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Anchorvale Road
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Reviewed by SY・Submitted 20 Feb 2017・Project completed Feb 2017

Chapter One was among the five recommendations from Qanvast. I spoke to 4 of them and eventually picked them. Chapter one stood out among the rest of the IDs in terms of presentation and ideas which closely match to what I envisioned. It was an great experience with fun people. The team made my renovation journey fun and exciting! One of the most impressive thing about them its's their ABCD- Above and beyond call of duty. Perfect renovation is impossible! My hiccups/problems are solved promptly and efficiently. I would say that they have a lot of potential. Better marketing will do them good! Renovation completed in: December 2015 Cost of renovation: $50,000

Project Management
Joash Tan Swee Wah
Reliable and Excellent Service ID
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Reviewed by Joash Tan Swee Wah・Submitted 28 Feb 2019・Project completed Jun 2017・Designer Edward Seet

It was a pleasure working with Edward and we have absolutely no regrets choosing him to be our ID. Edward is very responsible and organized. Someone who is very detailed, he makes sure everything is done nicely even to the smallest details. We could always count on him. Definitely fun working with Edward. Lots of great ideas and wonderful tips. Whenever we proposed our ideas to Edward. He always come back to us with surprises and not forgetting what we wanted. He is the quality package because He enjoy his work with passion. Awesome service! Always cheerful!

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Excellent Quality & Service! Would Def Recommend To My Family and Friends!

Reviewed by Li Yin Lim・Submitted 27 Feb 2019・Project completed Feb 2019・Designer Edward and Leonard

We were introduced to Edward via my younger brother, who happened to be his army mate. From the get-go, Edward impressed us on several counts. Not only is he creative, he is also very "hands on" - even in the moodboard stage, he would sketch ideas and 3d drawings to explain his ideas to us - but most importantly, he was very patient and went to great lengths to listen to us to find out what made an ideal home for us. It was great fun and super exciting exploring various options with him, and I think the added fact that he was always patient, not pushy; creative, not calculative made it so easy for us to decide to work with him - out of all the other IDs we had met with. Thereafter, Leonard was roped in to help with our renovations (an extra pair of hands, yay!). Throughout the entire process, the both of them displayed great professionalism and commitment to helping us with our renovations. We were constantly impressed by the level of service they brought to the table, and the many extra lengths they took to help make the entire process that much easier for us first homeowners. For example, they would walk us through the various steps in the process, keep us updated of progress via photos, videos etc, help to source for items that we were looking for, go shopping with us for tiles, lights, furnishings etc - even as the both of them were actually in the midst of preparing for their weddings. Not to forget, when we had some issues with our kitchen furnishings (due to no fault of theirs but entirely of ours), Edward and Leonard were the ones who alerted us to it, and we were eventually able to resolve it pretty quickly. Thank you so much Edward and Leonard (Chapter One) for being so helpful, reliable and resourceful throughout our renovation journey. I think as first homeowners, it's always a little scary doing up your first home, but the both of you made that journey absolutely pain-free and more importantly, enjoyable. I will definitely be recommending the both of you to my family and friends! :)

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Most responsive and responsible ID
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Reviewed by Cheryl Goh・Submitted 20 Feb 2019・Project completed Oct 2018・Designer Edward Seet

We started our search for an ID over a year before our keys were due to be delivered, assuming a long process to finding the 'right fit' ID. However within 2 months we chanced upon Chapter One on Qanvast, contacted them and arranged a meetup that would put an end to our search. Our whole process from meeting the ID to handover took us 2 years! Edward happened to be assigned to our project and when we first met, he was patient in listening to our amateur requests, and even incorporated our needs and wants for our first home into the design. If our ideas were not practical, Edward would highlight this during the design process and recommend an alternative. We ended up with a beautiful home design because of these suggestions! The best part about the design process was that Edward (who used to be a graphic designer), would draw out the ideas immediately so we could get a good visual of the space! Very helpful especially if visualization is not your strong suit. Our tile selection, appliance selections, lighting selections, and HDB defects check were all accompanied by Edward. In fact, he was more than willing to accompany us lest we make a choice that would not fit the house, causing more issues later on. During the actual construction process, Edward was very responsive, proactive and was the one chasing us for decisions when we were taking too long. Any delays or changes were promptly updated so we were well aware of the timeline at any given moment. On top of that, no matter the day or time, Edward would be contactable via Whatsapp whenever we have questions or when we need help with any issues. For example in the weeks before handover, we would go down to the flat to test out the items and have a look at the finished works. Any items we were not entirely satisfied with, we would let Edward know and he would not only respond to our queries but rectify the issue ASAP! We were very impressed with how Edward handled the whole process for 2 years not only with immense patience, he also had good knowledge of HDB procedures and was always willing to help no matter what! Through it all, despite our additions, Edward managed to help us keep our costs within budget, and always proposed alternatives for every idea so we are aware of the options and cost outlay. So far, every visitor to our apartment has only praises for how nice our space looks. We completely agree with them! Many thanks to Edward and Chapter One!

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