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Dap Atelier

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Yvonne Lim
A Happy & Satisfied Customer

Reviewed by Yvonne Lim・Submitted 10 Sep 2020・Project completed Jul 2020・Designer Daphne Tan

We came to know Daphne as she has been doing renovation works for some relatives. Thru the quality and workmanship of her end products, we decided to engage her service. Definitely it's worth to recommend Daphne for her good and dedicated service. Most importantly no hidden costs from her. During the renovation, I do not have to worry about the work progress as she would keep us updated with photos and video. No pressure being open to her when we needed to change the design during the renovation, she would offer her advice to how best we can accommodate the new design. Even though my renovation was affected during the CB, she would still try her best to make as much arrangement for some works to proceed if allowed. She also make good effort to arrange and follow-up on the final rectifications before handing over to us.

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Professional, Helpful, Responsible

Reviewed by Daniel Goh・Submitted 13 Jan 2020・Project completed Jan 2020・Designer Daphne Tan

After notice that we were going to collect our new BTO 4 rooms flat at Tampines Green Weave, we browse Qanvast website. Qanvast had recommended us 5 Interior Design companies. But we manage to meet up 3 companies and Dap Atelier is last company. After our decision, we decide engage and hand over our house renovation project to Daphne from Dap Atelier. Daphne is very professional and suggested us a lot of ideas on renovation work. She help us resolve a lot issues throughout the process of renovation. I remembered she got sore throat and couldn’t talk. She even can help us to solve our renovation queries. Overall we were very happy with our home done by Daphne from Dap Atelier. We will recommend Daphne to our friends and relatives.

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Karen Yue
An attentive and understanding team

Reviewed by Karen Yue・Submitted 19 Nov 2019・Project completed Oct 2019・Designer Wanqi

DAP Atelier was the second ID firm to reach out to me after I sent out first feelers for my project some time in April. Despite telling them that we would only be collecting our resale apartment in late July, the firm's designer, Wanqi, remained eager and proposed a meeting to understand our needs. Wanqi's team was the most enthusiastic and sincere of all the others we met in the initial ID shopping stage. They were patient with what we wanted, and found us visuals to confirm that their understanding of our desires were correct. They also offered practical alternatives when what we wanted didn't seem realistic. And most importantly, they provided advice on more economical alternatives to help us work within our budget, while alerting us to necessary budget-busters that would come up at the later stage, such as electric works and wall plastering. They remained aware that ours was an old resale flat, which would require extensive renovation works. It seemed natural that the conversation led to a business conversion. Wanqi was later joined by Sherman, and both invested almost every weekends shopping with us for floor and wall tiles, laminates and other fittings. When renovations started, the two provided frequent photo and video updates. They also stepped in to receive and monitor third-party works when my husband and I were unable to leave office to do that. Most prominent in my memory was this night when Wanqi stayed up late, almost past midnight, to work with me on the master room layout. There were a few things we wanted – a platform bed, a study table, a full-length wardrobe – while ensuring aesthetics and sufficient space in the room to move around. Somehow, all layouts didn't seem to work for my heart, but Wanqi pressed on and gave many alternatives. We both found numerous examples online and tweaked them in all configurations using her layout programme until I was satisfied. I am immensely grateful for that. The project overran by almost a month, largely due to a bottleneck on the carpenter's side. But that is fine since we were warned ahead of time, and we were in no hurry to move in. When the apartment was complete, a few workmanship issues persisted. The laminate on a section of our platform in the living room was blistered. The carpenter returned a few times but was still unable to rectify it even until today.

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