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Excellent designer / firm for design and build!
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Reviewed by Koh Yee Seng・Submitted 18 Mar 2019・ Project completed Jan 2019・Designer Shui Min

Not our first renovation so we know what to look for this time round. We got leads from both friends and Qanvast, went through initial meet up, discussions and quotations for more than 5 firms. *Edit* We've had a little accident with one of the built-in. We contacted SM, and without a second thought, he scheduled his workers to come in for a repair. That's solid after-sales support if I ever saw one. That is really peace of mind! Would give more than 5 stars for professionalism if we could! Pre-project: Ideas: Being a design-and-build project, we already have a pretty good idea on the overall concept. Shui Min (SM) was very open and caught on to our themes and requirements very quickly, so the back and forth is very effecient and fruitful. SM was never pushy, and serves as a practical voice to remind us on what is possible or not. Problem solving: Even when our requirements are challenging, for the "must" on our wishlist, he gave us the attention and time to sit down and work out how to overcome these obstacles. His never-say-never attitude helped us realized some really difficult design details and requirements where a lesser designer / firm may have given up. Price: Not the cheapest, but certainly down-to-earth compared to other exorbitant competitors. We never felt that we were taken for a ride at any time. Actual renovation: Responsiveness: Fast enough, even on busy days he will try to get back within the same day. Big on responsibility and we never felt that he was AWOL throughout the project. Kudos. Flexibility: Very impressive. Job scope is a living document that is always open to changes if needed by clients. This becomes an obvious benefit as projects never goes according to plan and clients' wishes may evolve mid-way. I would imagine some other firms we interviewed may have big issues with this. Details: The flip-side of flexibility. Does miss out certain details and needs reminders on some details. Crisis management: For onsite hiccups, he is quick to respond and can call up alternative resources in reasonably quick time. Doesn't dodge responsibility, that's a big plus! Quality: Average, some workers are more skilled than others. Certain areas needed rework after we inspected onsite. Leadtime: Gave 2 months, completed in + 1 week due to unforeseen issues. Did his best to pull in resources when problems encountered. Aces in this area. Budget: Flexible in scope to help manage budget. Spot-on pricing with less than 5% deviation. Conclusion: You can't do any better for a design-and-build project. If you have a clear idea in mind, SM and GB Interior will turn your vision to reality and then some. They deal very fairly with their clients and that is really a breath of fresh air compared to many other firms that we have spoken to. SM will put you at ease and never pushes ideas that will make you uncomfortable. When things don't turn out perfect, (and they inevitably don't when the complexity is high) SM never leaves you hanging and never dodges responsibility if it is his. That speaks volumes for the ship he runs. That alone is good enough to recommend him to anyone in a similar situation. Work quality and eye for details could be improved, but nothing's perfect. Having gone through the entire process we think the pro's far outweighs the con's. Especially in this industry with so many nightmare stories. We are happy campers and very glad we chose SM and GB Interior for our home. (Take note this review is based on design-and-build project with complex scope, we may not be able to represent homemakers that are completely reliant on design, or looking for "off-the-shelf" packages.)

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