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Imago Dei 3

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Serangoon Gardens
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Reviewed by David Chang・Submitted 24 Apr 2018・Project completed Dec 2017

Imago Dei 3 was a recommendation from a friend and one of the reasons I decided to engage them as my ID is when they presented their proposal to me. It was fair, quite realistic and achievable. During the renovation process, my ID Lesley Koh was open to communication. Any issues was rectified promptly. Design wise, I was impressed with the final results. Lesley provided feedback and recommendations to which further improved the outlook of the design. He managed to match the colour scheme with what I want and goes nicely altogether. More importantly, he gave me an estimation amount for the materials but after the final bill he took us the additional unnecessary charges. I found that Lesley did a great job in handling the coordination of the project and it was completed within the timeline!

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Imago Dei 3 LLP Jackie Zhang Review
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Reviewed by Gary・Submitted 29 Dec 2019・Project completed Oct 2019・Designer Jackie Zhang

It has been almost 2 months since my renovation has been completed and handed over by my ID Imago Dei 3 LLP. As my housing moving of packing and unpacking is almost completed, I have some time to provide a detail review of my ID. The initial factors that affect my ID selection was honesty, integrity, commitment and trust worthiness. It was a difficult process as every ID I met seems to fulfill all those criteria. Hence, observing the behavior and their actions was utmost importance. During the first meeting, almost all the IDs promised the everything and full of sweet talking. When I first met Jackie Zhang from Imago Dei 3 LLP introduced by Qanvast matching system, I felt that he is as nervous as me. We had a brief introduction and very soon I found that he was from China and has been only in Singapore for a few years. I was thinking out loud to him, "Can I trust you with my renovation"? Will you runaway with my deposit? There has been many stories about ID running away with client deposit half-way through the renovation work. I questioned him that he did not have the beautiful showroom like what other ID I had visited and he operates from a serviced office. I think I might have hurt him a little asking all these critical questions. At one point, he tried to convince me by pulled out his blue IC from his wallet and promised that he will not runaway. I was a bit shock yet at the same time it gave me some assurance. He seems really sincere. We discussed in detail about all my requirement and he seems to be able to articulate and take notes of all my requirement. The sharing of my requirement took more than 2 hours. At the end of the 2 hours, he says that he will come back with his quotation in 2 weeks time. I was looking for integrity here. If he misses the deadline that he set himself, then let's forget about the deal. While preparing for the quotation, he was asking questions. He proactively created the WhatsApp chat group and participated very very actively. He was throwing ideas, information and sharing everything in the chat group. He is highly responsive in the chat group. Within the timeframe, Jackie indeed come back with the quotation and we met up again. His quotation is not the lowest that I had seen but I am looking for reasonable pricing. Nobody likes to be ripped off. He explains his quotation carefully and there is no commitment from both of us after that meeting. Few days passed by and I had compared several quotations and confirmed the prices quoted with several other ID. Price was not the only concern as I was eliminating other IDs due to the lack of commitment, integrity and trust worthiness, Jackie became my obvious choice. However, I am skeptical about him because until this stage there is nothing tangible but a quotation and some follow-up Whatsapp messages. I trusted my gut feeling that Jackie is really sincere and decided to award him the contract. Jackie quickly followed up with 3D drawing which is later changed several times during our renovation journey. Color combination and material selection are ultimately challenging task because everyone has their unique taste. Jackie is very patient to accommodate our discussion without even a single complain from him. Some of these discussion lasted more than 3 hours into the late hours. There are several times where Whatsapp discussion goes into the wee hours. Jackie was responding to every messages. My wife and I are looking through catalog of material, paint colors, design magazines and websites. There are so many choices, selection and decisions that needs to be made. Jackie helped to moderate all those design decisions. Finally came the day where we handed him the key and the renovation officially kicks off. This is the period where I am expecting all the problems will come. Like in a projects, some hiccups are expected to occurs. The first major problem is the schedule slipped. One of my requirement is to knock down a wall in the kitchen. As the kitchen has Citygas supplied pipes, for safety reasons, it needs to be turned off. The previous owner did not switched off the gas and it causes some delay to commence the renovation work. Unfortunately for Jackie, he needs to closed up the gap as there are more hacking work that needs to be done. He needs to rush his workers and managed the tight schedule. The second problem that we encountered is the selected tilt was not reserved by the tile company. Jackie had to made new reservation and I had to re-select a different tiles which has a slight price difference. During the hacking work, some parts of the existing furniture are removed and found that there is no tile below them. So, in the end the entire walkway tiles are removed to make an entrance. Jackie has already preempted this potential problem. So there is no surprise here. During the renovation, Jackie coordinated various workers like hacker, carpenter, tiler, painter, electrician, aircon installer and plumber to complete various work. In his project manager role, he did a pretty decent job getting the schedule printed out and provided us some detail tracking. We are able to follow his progress and he helped us to keep tracked about all the progress. We will met frequently at the work site and sometimes after dark where the work site has no light. This is quite an important attribute of an ID because the workers needs to be micro-managed in order to complete the task ASAP. Finally, Jackie managed to complete and handover the renovation within the timeline. He had even pro-actively told me that his renovation work comes with 1-year warranty. This is not the end as we discovered some issues that we would like to change such as our work desk carpentry modification, additional planks for shoe racks, glass door translucent sticker and toilet shower silicon clean up. Jackie really did a responsible job with following up customer service after the handover. I think this is a bonus point having him as our ID. In conclusion, I would strongly recommend Jackie Zhang from Imago Dei 3 LLP as ID for people looking for a honest, trustworthy, reliable and responsive ID. I would also thanks him for providing a very nice home for my family and myself.

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Foo ZY
Read and you will understand
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Reviewed by Foo ZY・Submitted 22 Nov 2019・Project completed Apr 2019・Designer Cleo

We have gotten Imago Dei 3 from Qanvast recommendations. Our initial reno cost about 150k and slowly the total reno cost increases as some variation orders are adding in as it goes on. Most problems are promptly rectify except our 2 sets of window frames are leaking non stop and rectify for 7times also couldn't solve the issue since 26th April 2019 till date, my house have been ponding for several times. The 2sets of windows are replaced once before and I believe they have not been searching for the root of the cause? I'm stressed out whenever the rain comes, I have to get several cloths to clean up the mess, shift my furniture etc including in the wee hours when everyone is sleeping but I got complained by my downstair neighbour for disturbing their sleep, sadly all do not know what I am going through. I'm self employed, no FDW, my wife have to take care of my kids spontaneously, and I have to open the door for the repair works which takes a few hours each time and a few times they have forgotten to come or came too late for the repair works and I went late for my part-time night classes. And my most important concern is the safety issues as my family members are also moving around, my kids could have slip and fall. After all the 7times rectification works, I have to vacuum and mop the floor as I have a toddler and a baby who loves to put things inside their mouth. Everytime the same issue arises, I have to throw away my assignments, my previous work are not done or delayed, get reprimanded by several of my clients as the windows problems are not solved and some of my clients get real pissed off. My concern if the 2 sets windows are replaced once already , and they still did not do a proper job, how could I trust them for future rectification repair works? I hope to get some assurance of 100% no leakage on the 2sets of windows as ample time has been given to rectify. I have raised up some clarification beside the 2sets of windows but they have yet to reply me too.

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Justin Heah
Affordable, patient, responsible and proactive ID firm
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Reviewed by Justin Heah・Submitted 5 Mar 2019・Project completed Feb 2019・Designer Stephanie

My Wife and I applied for a free quotation via Qanvast and was approached by Imago Dei 3’s designer Stephanie. We met up 3 times before putting the downpayment and was impressed by the work Stephanie was willing to do prior to our downpayment. She proposed a reasonable proposal which we took. She guided us on the handover of the house to the ID and brought us to shop for reasonably priced quality products which we used to fit our house. She was patient and prevented me from overspending. We wanted to build a 50sqft loft in our condo which she had not much experience in building. She impressed us with her attitude, able to accommodate our wild ideas and turned it into a reality eventually. Impressive layout and nice design Did a good job in our toilet as well. Although had to do touch ups and also not that impressed with carpentry. Think can work with better contractors on that part. Delivered within schedule and always available. Works hard to rectify our problems ASAP. Treated us like royalty. Good ID overall and would recommend for decent and affordable works plus excellent service

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