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Sky Creation Asia

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Raine Li
超出我们的预算 !!!

Reviewed by Raine Li・Submitted 24 Jul 2021・Project completed Mar 2021・Designer Brice Ong

要工作还要照顾家庭真的不容易。拿了几份 quotation, 设计顾问 Brice 的 quotation 不是最便宜的并且已超出我们的预算。我们犹豫了一下但是我们知道 “一分钱一分货”的道理。我们要的是一位有创意会 “用心” 的室内设计师而不是一位只会 “甜言蜜语”的推销员。 上网看到好几张 Brice 和屋主的合照以及屋主对他的平价, 让我们知道这些都不是伪造的。现在在网上不难找到有好口碑的室内设计师但拥有多张和屋主一起拍照的并不多, Brice 是少数之一 。 Brice 很注重品质, 他给我们有名以及终身保修的 accessories 让我们没有后顾之忧。除此之外, 他很用心设计我们的家并且经常到我们的家监督工程的进展还亲自下手, 确保品质可以达到他的要求同时缩短了工程的进展。我们很放心不什么需要到我们的新家来看, 让我们可以有更多的时间照顾家庭以及专心工作。最后证明了 Brice “物有所值”。 谢谢我们的设计顾问 Brice, 谢谢 Sky Creation 以及所有参与的师傅们, David、 啊Kam、小文、啊力等等, 让我们梦想成真感恩。 设计顾问 Brice 手机号码: 8233 3344

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Bad ID with bad design planning and attitude.

Reviewed by Eileen・Submitted 20 Jun 2021・Project completed Mar 2021・Designer Jesment Lim

Jesment LIM from Sky Creation is a bad designer with last min or if not no planning. Looks like a kind and gentleman but in actual fact very defensive and pushes blame on everything else except admitting the error. Before signing of contract, we had already told him if he is ok if we remove some items that are too pricey, of course before signing of contract he happily agreed and claims as part of his service he will also be happy to help us coordinate with those services that we decided to out source. Because of this, as well as him looking so kind we thought he will be trust worthy. But to my horror he left us hanging after a 6 mths long wait completion of our tiny project with many defects that he doesnt want to rectify but instead want us to pay for them to rectify his bad design and quality. Of course we are not willing. Then he starting claiming that they he had helped us with many items that he did not charge us for. Scolded me for being ungrateful and hence he will not want to entertain us anymore and exited our chat without any handover. I am totally shock. All i am merely asking was for wat was not done properly by them to be rectified. But he just kept going on and on about something that we did not even agree upon. While i understand that my project is tiny compared to the 100k-300k ones that he was working on at the same time, i dun think this is the right way to treat a customer. If he doesnt like to handle small projects then he should not have taken on this project n promise us the sky. We are only a small 4 bedroom with only abt 36k reno project, we were promised fast delivery but ended up we had to wait 6mths. Of course he blamed us for it claiming that we caused the delay because we out source some items. Everything that goes wrong, he will find an excuse to blame it on someone else. Also, he has a tendercy to come up with charges that was never mention before. If u say you dun need it hence we not going to pay for it, he will then share that he did it for you FOC. I mean if we dont wan it and if he decided he want to do it then why blame me when u wanna do it FOC. In actual fact there was no need for such charges. He is just inflating the price because our project is just too small so he needed to find somewhere to charge us. Long story short, i will never recommend any one to sky creation.

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Excellent services provided by Marcus and Yuhan

Reviewed by Han Jiajing・Submitted 27 May 2021・Project completed Apr 2021・Designer Marcus and Yuhan

We signed up with Sky creation through recommendation from Qanvast. It was a very last minute signing, due to us changing our ID company last minute. We confirmed Sky Creation in late Jan 2021, and we got our keys on Feb 2021. It was a very tight project as we wanted to move into our unit by April 2021. We are thankful to have met with Marcus and Yuhan. Marcus and Yuhan managed to hand over the flat to us within our timeline. Yuhan's design was excellent, always listening to our requirements, and designing based on what we wanted, even though we had made so many changes to our design. At times, Yuhan even change colors palette and design on the fly during our discussion! Of course, in every renovation project, there are bound to be hiccups, thankfully, any defects or issues mentioned by us will be addressed and fixed speedily! Thank you Marcus for your help in coordinating with all the contractors! Me and my wife sincerely thank Marcus and Yuhan for their fast and good service and dedication to our project.

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