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Yanmei Lin
Would definitely not recommend going with this ID

Reviewed by Yanmei Lin・Submitted 22 Nov 2018・Project completed May 2018・Designer Tri Pham

My renovation experience was a total nightmare! I’m very thankful that Qanvast connected me with several ID firms according to my design concept to allow me to choose a firm which suited my needs. The first couple of discussions went great, with the ID seeming to understand what we wanted, which was why we proceeded to go with Superhome. However, the good ended there. Once we engaged our ID, and started work on the designs, things went downhill. Our ID started complaining that he’s changed our quotation more than 10 times, and he has every right to not take our job. This was after informing him that we’re still discussing the design, and there was no need to review the quotation until things are more concrete, but he insisted. Once the renovation works started, everything else started showing up. The measurements indicated on the quotations had multiple errors, even though he was there to physically measure the space. We were forced to accept certain designs because that was what was “quoted”. Needless to say, the attitude of the ID also left much to be desired. He was very inexperienced and basically had no EQ. He started doing all the floor works without confirming the layout of the tiles with the home owners. He didn’t want to recommend any electrician so we had to find our own, and before confirming the schedule, basically started laying the floor tiles. When we mentioned we want to do hidden wiring, under the tiles, he actually said he has no idea that’s how people do things. As a home owner, I had to find out a lot of information myself as well. When asking him for updates from HDB regarding the hacking permit, he actually told me there is a number on the HDB website I can call myself. For one of the walls at the Landry area, he wanted to charge more than double the price for the PE assessment, so I had to find an engineer myself to do the assessment. Throughout the whole process, he took a lot of matters into his own hands. Just choosing to proceed without consulting or informing us about the design and getting our approval. In the end we just had to live with what he “delivered”. The manpower they engage is also dubious, and their plumber actually stole from our neighbour (this actually happened, there was a police report lodged). Upon completion, he refused to come back to make the final rectifications, just gave us the contact details of his contractors and asked us to arrange ourselves. Before the rectification works were completed, he acted as a child and called me 20 times within 7 mins, just to chase for payment. Unfortunately, this whole renovation experience was one of the worst experiences of my life, and I had to deal with his attitude while pregnant. I would never in a million years recommend Superhome Design to my worst enemy, so my advice would be to stay far away from them, and do not engage their services.

Project Management
Superhome Design Renovation
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Ethan・Submitted 5 Dec 2019・Project completed Jun 2019・Designer Stephanie

Begin with 5 firms through Qanvast, most contacted us initially but only Superhome Design continued to follow up. Superhome Design was sincere and did not request for any sort of downpayment prior sharing/showing their designs and ideas, unlike other firms that we sourced separately ourselves. The carpentry design in their showroom displayed workmanship qualities and captured our attention. Stephanie was candid, took our requirements seriously into considerations and came up with alternatives which saved us some cost in some areas. Although some designs in some areas were more of what we expected (cost too) but it turned out to be awesome! Most of our enquiries were addressed throughout the renovation, including design and dimensions for furnishing/stuff to keep. She also offered to source some of the items and liaising with other parties without having to involved us ,saved us a lot of our time. Overall the renovation process were fine, areas in tight spaces were well thought of and outcome was close to plan. Their carpenter was also skilful and able to point out possible issues during discussion stage. Some carpentry works were built and pieced together with lot of effort and patience rather than offering "bought off the shelf solution". Glad to have known Ethan, whom was also involved in some of design concept and appreciated his honest opinions. Really appreciate the relationship built along the renovation journey. There is no 100% perfect but could be improved with more timely planning of certain trades could shorten the whole renovation. Certain areas with more detailed workmanship would be great and improve overall experiences.

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Yanmei Lin
Worst ID experience
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Yanmei Lin・Submitted 1 Mar 2019・Project completed May 2018・Designer Tri Pham

The experience was an absolute horror! From the first few rounds of discussions, we felt that as an ID, he understood our concept and what we were looking for, so after speaking to close to 20 ID’s, we decided to go ahead and work with Superhome. Once the ID received our job, he was late in delivering a lot of things. His attitude was also very bad, telling us that he doesn’t need to make so many revisions on the quotations/drawings, he has the right to stop as and when, and we’ve already asked him for countless of revisions, more than what is within his scope. Secondly, he started work without waiting for us to engage an electrician, when he was the one who told us to engage our own. When we said we want to do the wiring under the tiles, he said he didn’t know of such a thing. He ended up having to hack up the floor tiles which he has already laid, because he didn’t consult us on the timeline. I requested for hexagon patterns for the floor, and he couldn’t even be bothered to show me the design he is supposed to come up with. I had a mix of lighter and darker shade tiles, so I wanted to see the generic “look” and where he proposed each lighter spot before he started, but he told me he doesn’t do such things, I can just go to my house, and mark with masking tape on the sections I want lighter. We also searched for our own PE for hacking kitchen area. Upon submission of all materials to him, we asked for updates, he told me it’s not his duty to chase HDB, and I can easily google HDB’s number to ask myself. With door work, he decided to go ahead with handles decided by him, without consulting the home owners at all. Many things in my house, he just went ahead without consulting me or my husband. When it came to rectification, he hasn’t even completed the work, and he kept chasing for final payment. I was engaged with work, and he called nonstop 20 times. Acting like an absolute child. His attitude is the absolute worst I have ever encountered in a human being, not even ID, I believe any other adult out there will have more manners than him at anytime. I will ABSOLUTELY NOT recommend this ID firm, and definitely not recommend my ID. The experience was the worst I’ve ever had, and during the whole discussion until completion of the renovation, I was pregnant, so much so that I refused to talk to him because I was getting increasingly agitated at his lack of professionalism and attitude.

Response from Superhome Design

Dear Yanmei,

First of all, thank you for your feedback. We do appreciate our customers’ feedbacks in order to improve our service and professionalism better after every project. However, to give our future customers a clearer picture about this project, we would like to clarify some of your points that you mentioned earlier:

1. Like other IDs, we do offer our clients non-obligation quotation after the first discussion. Subsequently, there maybe some adjustments for the quotation’s final cost in order to meet our customers’ budget. Having said that, SuperHome Design Pte Ltd preserves the right to advise our clients for other alternatives if there is a fail of delivering an agreeable quotation after several times of discussion. In fact, there is a limit that we could do to help our customers in the discussion stage and that will be given more after we get engaged. For your case, there are precisely 12 non-obligation quotations (Not including Additional & Cancellation quotations) that had been given to you before your confirmation to our service.

2. Our designers always inform the customers that there might be difference in terms of dimensions on floor plan as compared to real site condition, hence, if it is the case, we will update our clients in order to have a transparent and fair charges that we quoted our clients before.

3. SuperHome Design Pte Ltd also makes sure that there are finalised confirmations and agreements before proceeding to any work that will happen on site. Hence, we do keep every records for your confirmations on every single work that includes Tiling work discussion before we start work. So in this case, please contact us if you need a further clarification or evidence.

4. We will make sure that our well-trained designers have a proper knowledge and logical schedule for every project in order to handle any unforeseen circumstances well. For such Eletrical work incident that happened in your unit, the owner needs to make sure that their own engaged 3rd party contractors are eligible for HDB renovation work, hence, should you informed that there must not be any concealing work for HDB units. Unfortunately, what you had discussed with your own electrician was not delivered and updated to our designer – hence, he needed to resolve the serious mistake that your electrician had caused to the unit and that also leaded to overlapped work based on renovation schedule.

5. As mentioned earlier, every clients come to SuperHome Design Pte Ltd are given a non-obligation quotation that includes every work that we need to cover during renovation. Professional Engineer service is one of them, and in the event the cost does not meet your budget, you can always discuss with us and/or to proceed using your own contractors that we will not be responsible for their workmanship/quality of work or any lost/damages happen on site later.

6. For any rejections of final defect rectifications, please feel free to contact us immediately so that SuperHome Design Pte Ltd will resolve for you and also will review our designer’s performance towards to this project. However, for this specific incident, we have the record for every discussion and date of meeting for having final rectifications between you and the designer. We regret to say that you have failed at delivering the final payment as agreed in contract despite our designer asked for multiple times without any response from you that if there are anything that you needed to help before he could get the final payment. Hence, there was a highly suspicion of contract breach in your behaviour, SuperHome Design Pte Ltd needed to do further action in order to get your response and final payment.

Once again, thank you very much for your feedback and hope this will clear your doubts and also to help our future clients understand better about the situations that happened in this project. Should you have any other queries that need to make clear with us, please feel free to contact to SuperHome Design Pte Ltd. We will try our best to revert and clarify to you as soon as possible.

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Marilyn Huang
Specially catered Reno
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Huang・Submitted 28 Feb 2019・Project completed Dec 2018・Designer Nathaniel Tan

Nathaniel from Superhome Design is a young designer whom is very willing to listen to our needs and design accordingly to what we want. He also keeps our Budget in mind and does not overcharge us. We have a tight timeline to work with and he delivers accordingly. If you have any renovation work I strongly recommend him. He gives some positive feedback too and will make your money spent very well worth.

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