Team Interior Design

Team Interior Design

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Edgedale Plains (Block 121B)
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Reviewed by Kim Remon・Submitted 11 Jul 2017・Project completed Jul 2017

We had chosen Team Interior Design because of their workmanship. Our ID is Debbie, renovation ended on Mid March 2016. We made a right choice! =) Debbie is a very nice and responsible ID, our renovation budget is consider quite low and we had wanted quite a number of built in, she provide solutions / suggestions to us in order to make our renovation within budget instead of rejecting or brain wash us to increase our budget. And, YES , WE DID IT! During renovation, she always try her best to solve every single concern we had voiced out. We felt great whenever our families and friends told us how nice and good our built in furniture is ,and of course , our home design. We would recommend Debbie to anyone who need an ID. Last but not least, we would like to thank Debbie and Team Interior Design for the great job they have done for us.

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Ghim Moh Link
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Reviewed by Vincent・Submitted 8 Feb 2018・Project completed Dec 2017

Our ID from Team Interior Design was introduced by a friend of ours. We decided to research more on their company and look at their previous projects. They are quite active on Social media and we saw some great works on their page. They were responsive when we requested for their design proposal, and helpful in answering any of our quiries. Working alongside with them was good. We impressed whenever there was any issue raised, they will come up with solutions and ideas. They even provided us with a 3D Design to make us visualize the project better and what to expect. We were happy that everything went smoothly and glad to move in before the New Year!

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Compassvale Bow
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Reviewed by Sean・Submitted 23 Jan 2018・Project completed Oct 2017

Two out of the three interior designers we met kept pushing their ideas instead of coming up with designs that fit our requirements, but Debbie from Team interior was a good listener and took the time to listen to what we wanted. She was very straightforward and advised us on what could and couldn’t be done. She was also very prompt. Even though it has been months since the renovation was completed, Debbie still turns up if we have any issues to highlight to her. She also gave us really good advice; for instance, she told us that there’s no use for so many telephone cables and advised us to change to Category 6 cables so that I would have a LAN point in all of my rooms. One quality that really makes her stand out is that she is very meticulous. Besides painting the walls, Debbie also painted the pipes in my service yard and the ceilings in my home. I didn’t even notice that she had done so until one of my friends – who is also an interior designer – pointed out these details out to me. He told me that it’s nice of my interior designer to put in the extra effort to paint these areas because most interior designers usually wouldn’t bother. I’m definitely grateful to have Debbie as my interior designer.

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Bukit Batok
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Reviewed by Kenny・Submitted 19 Jan 2018・Project completed Oct 2017

We came across Team Interior when Qanvast recommended us 5 IDs. After meeting with all of them, we felt that their design stood out from all the rest of the IDs. We preferred their portfolio and designs as they are quite similar to what we wanted for our home. We were glad that there were no hiccups and the renovation went smoothly! We felt that the ID could follow up more after the renovation but overall we were satisfied with the design.

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