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Sung Park
Seeking for Perfection
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Reviewed by Sung Park・Submitted 30 Oct 2019・Project completed Jul 2019・Designer Jason

This is a long overdue review but we engaged Jason around July / August for a renovation work at our place. Before engaging him, we went through at least 10 others before finally deciding with Jason. We initially chose Jason as he gave confidence in terms of his ability and shop location being very close to our place although at this point I was still sceptical (probably like most others when they initially choose a designer). Post engagement, I must say that I have 0 regrets about choosing Jason as my interior designer. He was the perfect designer to meet what I wanted to see in terms of designer including his taste, responsiveness and not being overly pushy with his ideas / willingness to listen. As a new home owner, there were a number of things I appreciated about him but for me, most important aspects were his responsiveness and able to come up with solution when stuck. Despite my crazy number of questions at anytime of the day or week (including a lot of 1-2ams) and stressful moments, he was always very responsive and always gave his true opinions (Frankly speaking, it was surprising how responsive he was). He also displayed patience with our project and made himself available for discussion whenever we wanted (remembering endless hours of debate at his office). He ensured everything was taken care of in a timely manner and workmanship was great. Also I would like to thank his co-worker, Eileen (who has great reviews also), who despite not being her project helped in terms of ideas and taking part in a lot of discussions (including some random discussions). To sum up, I would think every home owner has different criteria or priorities when choosing a designer but if you are someone who seeks perfection, responsiveness / engagement from designer (rather than just another project) and creativeness, I would say Jason is the right person for your home. Thanks to Jason, now I have a home that I am very happy with and proud of.

Project Management
Jon Lai
A Smooth and Great Renovation

Reviewed by Jon Lai・Submitted 29 Dec 2020・Project completed Nov 2020・Designer Anvin

While searching for a design firm, we engage Viola Designers upon seeing their portfolio on Instagram. Upon contact, they were prompt in response and assigned Anvin to us. From Anvin’s ability to plan our space to his attentiveness in understanding our needs, design and wants, we reviewed our draft designs and layout and we confirmed with Viola. Schedule was planned and project duration was planned at 8 weeks but due to Covid situation, my wife and I had expected delays however, to our surprise, everything was on track and our place was handed over to us on time without delays just in time for Christmas and New year’s! Measurements for carpentry and electrical sockets etc were done accurately leaving no areas left out. Carpentry work was nicely done with no signs of cut short quality. As with all projects, minor arguments and misunderstandings will bound to happen however I am happy that both parties (We and Anvin) resolved the matter amicably and quickly. Thank you Anvin for planning our place and upholding your responsibly and promise for quality and time. We love our place! Till next time. Keep up the great work!

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Professional and Patient Interior Designer
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Reviewed by Tan Mei Peng・Submitted 10 Sep 2020・Project completed Aug 2020・Designer Winnie Chua

A helpful and creative interior designer, Winnie is open to our crazy ideas, last min changes from time to time, and assisted in various on site coordination with our self engaged service providers. She is patient and easy to work with. Winnie will listen to our feedback and fix everything for us without any complaints. Even though our renovations were affected during the CB, Winnie would still try her best to make as much arrangement for some works to proceed if allowed. She also make good effort to arrange and follow-up on the final rectifications before handing over to us. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our house! Thanks for giving us a lovely place that we can call our home, WE LOVE YOU WINNIE :)

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Roy Kang
Showroom Renovation
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Reviewed by Roy Kang・Submitted 26 Mar 2020・Project completed Jan 2020・Designer Jason Ng

As recommended by friends, we engaged Voila for renovation service and was attended By Jason with very constructive proposal, professionally managed and was able to accommodate towards all customized requests, with prompt response and deliver on-time job completion. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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