Children’s Room

Your precious tots deserve a space of their own too, so check out these modern kid-friendly rooms for ideas!

Your children need a proper environment to grow up in, and quite rightly so. They are the light of your life, the ones that give meaning to the concept of love in your family, and for that they deserve nothing but the best. So, follow these tips, and build spaces that they play, study and grow up in!

1. Go with a decor theme

Say what you like about themed rooms, but it’s hard to deny that they are fun! Activate your children’s imagination by transforming their bedroom into a fun space that is reminiscent of a castle in the sky or a pirate ship, and watch them frolic with joy.

It’s also possible to design your child’s bedroom in a manner that’s anything but kiddy, just take a look at these examples!

2. Include safety features

Fun and games aside, safety is also an important aspect of any well-designed kids room. For starters, avoid sharp corners in the design (or install bumper pads). The same goes for slippery surfaces as well, steer clear from smoother options that don’t provide much traction when they wet. You can also consider swapping to grilled or louvred windows, or simply add on invisible wire grilles.

3. Have efficient storage

With kids, mess is inevitable. But it certainly can be managed with the right methods! Be sure to install efficient storage options, such as pull-out drawers and under-the-bed cubby holes, where toys, books and clothes can be corralled away.

4. Decorate with wall art

Hanging up wall art is an affordable and simple way of adding colour to a child’s bedroom. Plus, they can be easily swapped out for other options when junior grows up!

5. Install proper lighting

Other than serving a functional role, proper lighting is also essential for creating the right atmosphere in your child’s bedroom. So, be sure to choose the right options, be it cosy warm lights or bright lamps for homework time.

Also, if you are planning to shop for your child’s bedroom, be sure to check out this list of stores specialising in child-friendly furniture!