Feature Wall

Make a statement - these fabulous feature wall ideas will transform your room from meh to wow.

Feature walls are the way to go if you are looking to make a statement or trying to visually enhance your room. Make a statement and enliven your new home with these centrepieces!

Here are some ways to create a unique feature wall at home:

  1. Go contemporary and hang beautiful art pieces
  2. Fashion one out of hardy houseplants (a green wall, perhaps?)
  3. Create an impact with printed wallpapers, textured paints, laminates or tiles
  4. Showcase your display collectibles (think books, figurines etc)
  5. Outfit and highlight the area with fashionable lighting options (such as neon lights or zig-zag lights)
  6. Break out of the cookie-cutter with creative built-ins (like a concealed TV wall!)
  7. Frame up your favourite moments and turn your wall into mini photo gallery or collage

Traditionally, the feature wall is the area where your TV rests against in the living room. These days, however, most homeowners veer away from this norm and build accent walls in other parts of the house; such as the dining area, kitchen, the master and even the en suite!

Glam up your space with a feature wall or two! Here are some handy guides you may want to check out: